GDC 2007: Forza 2 'Lap Replay'

This is a new video of Forza 2 at this years GDC. Enjoy.

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shotty4216d ago

Looks really nice....Please Demo

FordGTGuy4216d ago



demo coming soon just be patient!

shotty4215d ago

I dont know what they did but the game looks really nice now. The HDR lighting off the track and cars, the realtime reflections off everything, the physics. I getting this game for sure, like how could you finish a game like this, over 300 cars to be upgraded, 50 levels to rank up and more added through DLC.

jpod4215d ago

i can't wait for a demo on xbl marketplace. only racing game i play right now is ridge racer 6 demo. if the forza one comes out, i'll be playing that for a while till the game is released.

ownallconsoles4215d ago

it compares nothing to Gran Turismo HD.

MissAubrey4215d ago

your ugly and you dont know sh!t! this game is beyond GT in simulation.

MissAubrey4215d ago

as real as it gets.(waits to get flamed)

ownallconsoles4215d ago

i love my 360 but, compared to ps3's GTHD, this game does't even come close. It's a good thing i have both 360 and ps3 because some genres are just better on one console than the other.

I'm out.

MissAubrey4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

thats why you just come out and say this game sucks. The car models may take the cake on GT HD but everything else fails compared to Forza.

jpod4215d ago

i just wish we'd see direct feed videos. it'd make the game look a lot better than with all the dark spots and such. this vid is a lot better than the other one. you can sorta judge the graphics a little, and i still think it's behind gt:hd still, but maybe with a better feed for video, i'll change my mind or not. seems the gameplay might do better than gt:hd, i'd like to see a full tuned car to do what those gt:hd cars were doing in their videos, show more potential of what the game has. all i know is, if i get this game i would get the driving wheel with. can't wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.