PS3 Price Cut Coming Very Soon, says Analyst

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "Janco's Mike Hickey says a $299 PS3 could be announced days from now. If Sony doesn't drop the price, he thinks publishers will reallocate resources more towards other platforms.

In his latest industry note, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey states that "recent channel checks indicate increased speculation for a PS3 price cut announcement from Sony in the next couple of days." Sony's been avoiding a price drop on its PS3 hardware, instead focusing on trying to turn the PS3 business into a profitable one. However, with hardware sales for the console floundering, most industry pundits believe Sony has little choice if it wishes to stay competitive with Microsoft and Nintendo."


Update: GameDaily BIZ just got off the phone with a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson who told us that there is "definitely no price drop on PS3" being planned at the moment. He reiterated that Sony is on track to meet its goal of 10 million PS3s sold for the current fiscal year. He also stressed to us that for Sony right now it's really more about the great games, content and services (through PSN) than it is about price.

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Genesis53551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Calling BS on this story. They are making a non BR PS3? Really! How do they plan to play PS3 games on it?

Publishers reallocating funds for other consoles. What the Wii? It doesn't sell the same style games as the PS3(not to mention very poor 3rd party sales). The 360? It is at 28 million the PS3 at 21 million. Why cut your sales almost in half?

Blademask3551d ago

Funny that SF4 sold more on the PS3 than the 360 thus far. Yawn @ DOOOMED articles. I figured it would be worse since:


MasFlowKiller3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"We are also hearing continued speculation that Sony is working on a non-Blu-ray PS3 console"


"Publishers reallocating funds for other consoles."

ok i guess making money is not the publishers goal anymore since if they weren't already why would they keep making multiplat games?

kapedkrusader3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago ) make people wait for a price drop instead of going out and buying a PS3 to play Killzone 2. This way, as people wait for the "upcoming" price drop, Killzone 2 gets labeled as a non-system seller and MS buys some time before showing some Alan Wake footage while making a big deal about how Killzone 2 is probably not that good since sales are less than expected. I'm not buying it, especially because Sony would be out of it's mind to lower the price of the PS3 while Killzone 2 is making people salivate. Not to mention the 2009 line-up that is making 360 fanboys nervous.

iamtehpwn3551d ago

The games would not run, even if the goal is cut out the movie functionality.

The laser diode is what makes it read both, and you can't stop one without the other. This is why even Wii hackers have been able to get DVDs to run. Once you have the laser... It literally costs nothing to add movie playback.

MasFlowKiller3551d ago

this is the type of article i would expect from kotaku

"Publishers reallocating funds for other consoles."
if they aren't making money on the ps3 why keep making multiplat games?

IdleLeeSiuLung3551d ago

I see Sony wanting to drop the price, but unable to due to the bad company economics. As the articles mentions, publishers look at a platform actual install base based on the region as well as the trend. Right now PS3 has shrinking sales in December/January and a smaller install base.

You might see a little uptick with KZ2, but that won't last just like any other exclusives. The only thing that tends to last is a price-cut deep enough that it becomes affordable. Sony needs to drop the price and release the planned exclusives on time and MS will have serious competition this year.

Either way, neither MS or Sony will give Nintendo competition!

ps3gamerkyle3551d ago

This is complete BS.. Not to mention, I think it was David Reeves, who said, that Sony (at least SCEE) wants to cut the price.. But it just isn't financially viable.

Not to mention, a non-BD PS3 is just retarded.

rucky3551d ago

Yeah I stopped after reading faildaily

Danja3551d ago

WOW This article was complete rubbish...

mpmaley3551d ago

If PS3 gets a price cut it's because:
USD/JPY 96.7350 + 2.3500

If the Dollar keeps gaining on the Yen back to normal/historical levels then a price cut will be MUCH easier for Sony to swallow.

None of this BS non blu-ray PS3 crap.

XxZxX3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

A non Blu-Ray games in PS3 will end up in bittorrent pretty soon. So NO, Piracy is a plague, why they want to remove their protection from the plague.

What's next Cell-less, blu-ray less, XDR-less, motherboard-less coverless, power supply-less PS3??

HDDVD183551d ago

DVD is a dying format

DVD sales are falling by as much as 70% every week

BLu ray is the next gen format . why would SONY revert to a dying format like DVD

Doppy3551d ago

I thin there might be some truth to this. But I think it will be a $50 price cut. Dell was selling PS3's for $339 a little while to go. Amazon I believe was selling them for $350, and this week Best Buy is offering a 80GB PS3 with a $50 gift card and Guitar Hero for $399. So a PS3 price cut is coming soon. I think it's happening during or after GDC.

TapiocaMilkTea3551d ago

I know it's good for the consumers, but to see that the powerful PS3 hardware is only $50 more than Nintendo's piece of crap makes me feel sad for Sony, and for me too since I probably won't see another powerful gaming system for decades.....
I have a Wii and love it, but it's just not worth $250.

acedoh3551d ago

So let's see... The PS3 has over one dozen games that sell at least one million for 2008 and developers are going to reallocate resources??? Something does not make sense. The PS3 is a great console for games. I think any developer that knows they are putting out a good product are confident the PS3 will sell it. I just don't see a price drop happening this early in the year. It would not be feasible considering most console sales happen during the holiday season...

1ikedamaster3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Well, keep in mind analysts actually work with these companies so they know more than the average blogger.

Just like they admit that "they" were wrong (Sony, Analyst included) when they bet on bluray and wifi inclusion when most don't have an HD tv or a wireless network.

Just making a point of how they actually analyze the market and give advice to companies like Sony... it's their job. It's up to the companies like Sony to take their advice.

DominusRebellis3550d ago

Why are people obsessing over PS3 price drops? It's already inexpensive at $399, when you consider everything you get with it. If you want inexpensive crap pick up an xbox or something, if you want top quality hardware, pick up PS3 and dish out the extra dough I mean cash...not cookie dough.....dough

Lifendz3550d ago

then get a 360 at 199 and a game. Or, if you really want a PS3, try actually SAVING for one. Heck, if you have credit you can get a playstation card and get the PS3 for 250.00. There are a myriad of ways available to get one if you really want it. Otherwise, just get a 360.

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miasma3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

that isn't going to happen. I second Genesis5's call of BS!

Hell, while we are at it, why not just go back to cartridges /sarcasm

happyface3551d ago

is the ps3 really going to lose 3rd party support?

that would be bad

Aclay3551d ago

"is the ps3 really going to lose 3rd party support?

that would be bad"

PS3 3rd party support isn't going anywhere. There's 21 million PS3's sold and it would be ridiculous for 3rd party's to ignore it.

If the PS3 was going to be loosing 3rd party support, I doubt that Tecmo would be doing a PS3 exclusive (Quantum Theory) in a day and age where 3rd party exclusives are almost non-existent.

This isn't like last generation where one console's installbase (Playstation 2) is so huge that it could support most 3rd party games without having to be released on another console.

happyface3551d ago

an analyst prob knows more than a kid who posts on msgboards all day

in my opinion

RememberThe3573551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

So the guy who says that he thinks there is going to be a blu-rayless PS3 is credible?

You need to learn how to see through BS, cause you are freakin blinded by it.

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Raoh3551d ago

A non blu ray ps3 LMFAO

JustinSaneV23551d ago

That analyst must know the industry well if he believes a non-bluray PS3 is on the way.

MasFlowKiller3551d ago

or know absolutely nothing, this is the type of article i would expect from kotaku

LeonSKennedy4Life3551d ago

Why the disagrees?

He was being sarcastic, people!

JustinSaneV23551d ago

@ LeonSKennedy4Life:

Look! Intelligent life does exist in N4G comments!

thor3551d ago

Yeah surely you must have realised by now.

It's not that sarcasm doesn't come across on the internet, it's that there are so many morons on the internet who wouldn't know it if it hit them in the face. So pay no attention to the disagrees, because the intelligent people who you obviously aimed the comment at understood, and those who didn't realise, well, you don't want to speak to them.

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darkwing3551d ago

hooray for a non-BD PS3, 5 DVDs for MGS4 connfirmed!!!!!