20° Gaming vs Piracy

Susan Taylor of writes "Piracy has come a long way from when I was a kid. I remember the days when my best friend and I would rush back to my house with the latest Backstreet Boys cassette tape so I could copy it onto a blank one. These days all you need to do is open up the search engine of your choice and BEHOLD!, with a few clever words, you have access to hundreds of pirated albums, movies and, of course, games."

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HarukoHex3584d ago

if you want piracy google search PSP mods. XD you can find every game that exists on the system in ISO format.

but the thing is you can't just say people don't want to spend money on certain games, pirates don't just pick some games, they do it to all, they think hey i can do it, so why not. thats why they did it in the firs place. how many pirates you know that get some movies, and then buy the rest, the only exception i really know is music, because people will sometimes just buy a CD on a whim.

but even with piracy, most of us are true gamers and want to see more from the devs so we will continue to spend our money and support them threw and threw.