Edge: There Will Be Blood: MadWorld (Preview)

Edge writes: "After grabbing a cornet, ramming it up a nearby enemy's backside, then punching their face to make it play, it strikes you that MadWorld isn't an inhibited game.

Jack grabs another foe and headbutts him so hard that his face explodes, then rams another on to a wall spike four or five times, then slices off the legs of yet another in a fluid combination. The legless one's still alive. No worries. A big 'FINISHER' icon appears, and a single button press executes a headstomp that makes Marcus Fenix look like a sissy."

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SinnedNogara3584d ago

If you had a mallet, and I had a mallet, and here is my mallet, here it is you see, and my mallet was ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM, and started to destroy your mallet, I DESTROY YOUR MALLET!!

That was a scene from There Wii Be Blood, the one where he beats his son. Anyway, great game!!