Evil Avatar: Afro Samurai Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The Afro Samurai manga and anime crossed over the line that stops most regular people (read – not geeks) from enjoying the delights of Eastern animation. Samuel L. Jackson had a lot to do with it; introducing the term "muthafucka" tends to throw things into the mainstream regardless of the subject matter. It was a bloody, twisted delight that broke down conventions and gained a huge fan-base. However, when these hugely popular pieces of modern culture are turned into multimedia franchises there will always be a sense of trepidation. It's unfortunate that such prior negativity holds true."

The Good

* Ninja Ninja remains hilarious and Samuel L. Jackson's voice acting remains strong.
* The focus attacks that slice your enemies into dynamic parts are great fun to experiment with.
* The visuals do a good job of translating a 2D cartoon into the world of 3D.
* The music, overseen by The RZA, is excellent.

The Bad

* The combat system is very limited and leveling up seems to have little effect.
* Level environments are bland and you're often forced to retread old ground.
* The layout of these levels is often confusing and never exciting or grand.

The Ugly

* Changes the story but expects you to know the original telling off by heart. The game makes no effort to explain itself so newcomers will be totally baffled by the end.

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