Eurogamer: Dante: from text to TV

Eurogamer writes: "To judge the significance of a figure to a particular culture, you don't need to assess the weight of scholarly opinion concealed in a long-forgotten corner of a library, nor to seek out the affirmation of cobweb-brained contemporary intellectuals. You simply need to go out on the piss in his home town.

Dante Alighieri is Italy's great literary figure, and Florence was his home. We've come here for the global unveiling of Dante's Inferno, a story-drive action game from EA based on the first part of The Divine Comedy. Yes, there are Dante museums, statues, memorials and monuments, but his cultural resonance is felt most keenly on the street, in the Dante ice cream parlour, or the numerous Dante bars tucked away in the elaborate network of medieval streets. It's essential to experience them all to get a real taste of the man. Heck, his chops are even on the local coins."

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