Profits and The Biased Media

Often times when on the Internet message boards we have all come across rabid fanboys that claim sites like IGN, Gamespot and are somehow biased against a particular brand of console. While many would like to believe there is an underlying plot against say the PS3, it is just simply false and here is why:

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Blademask3552d ago

Look, Gaming journalist aren't journalists.. People got fired for a low review. People get 800 dollar schwag bags pre-reviews.. Developers request to not release scores until later..

Game Reviews are stupid, its just sad that so many people tout Metacritic as some sort of financial goal. Look at Movies, its rare that a movie is "AAA" 90% +, because scoring has absolutely nothing to do with game quality. Its a game, you're all playing it.

Beast_Master3552d ago

Oh that explains why say, Blair Hearder would say for the KZ2 review, "Finally, PS3 has a game." I am not a rabid fanboy that claims people are being paid for reviews. But I do believe that many in the gaming media do have a personal preferance that comes out in their reviews. It is just human nature. IGN is one of the few sites that does address this issue by placing staff into seperate teams based on console. So Greg Miller is a Sony Fanboy and he is on the Sony team, while Hilary is a rabid 360 fanboy and is on the MS team. They do review multi-plat games, the editor has to play every single version and write a different review for each iteration. They seem to be the fairest in the media.

3552d ago
omodis4203552d ago

Whoa. Its like the new world order of video games.
MS+Sony=the new illuminati