Intel tears apart Nvidia Ion in document

Now that the competitive scrap between Nvidia and Intel is officially out in the open, Intel has decided to unashamedly dish the dirt on Nvidia's Ion platform. bit-tech has seen a document that Intel is sending out called "Nvidia Ion Competitive Positioning Guide," which details what Intel sees as the shortcomings of Nvidia's pint sized PC platform.

The first point that Intel makes about Ion is that the chipset is nothing new, saying that it's "rather a SKU of the existing MCP79M/MCP7A chipset family (branded in part as GeForce 9400M, GeForce 9400, GeForce 9300, GeForce 9100M G or GeForce 8200M G." Intel points out that "despite Nvidia's continued execution and power problems with this chipset, Nvidia is partnering the same chipset with an Intel Atom processor and creating hype around what it calls the 'Ion Platform'."

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