God of War: A History (Part II)

GamesAreEvil continues their retrospective look at the God of war Series with God of War: A History (Part II);

"By defeating Ares, Kratos, the once mortal warrior had become the new God of War. However, Kratos soon found himself alone and shunned by the other gods, but that was fine, he had no need for the love of petty gods. He had found a new family in the Spartan warriors, bringing his dreams of spreading Spartan rule throughout the world to reality. One by one, cities fell under Kratos' watchful eye. As you would expect, with each fallen city, the wrath of Olympus grew. Though Athena gave him warning, Kratos could not be stopped. For he had turned his painful memories into hatred for the gods that had refused to relieve him from the nightmares of his past transgressions.."

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CrAppleton3248d ago

The God of War series is deep for sure! Can't wait to see more!

Neco5123248d ago

I'd like to see GOW on Xbox 360. The story is amazing!

Hobb3247d ago


roblef3248d ago

I loved Part 1. Awesome to see the next installment! Cool!

CrAppleton3248d ago

Yeah.. spoilers in here for those of you who don't know the story!

bgrundman3248d ago

If you are concerned about spoilers after this long, you are on the wrong website.

Neco5123248d ago

Yeah, that's true. This game has been out way to long to be worried about spoilers!

CrAppleton3248d ago

I guess you're right.. Well.. in any case that's the point of the article.. to show everything that's happened

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bgrundman3248d ago

There is just so much story to the franchise. The plot is very well thought out too!

Neco5123248d ago

The plot is ridiculously thought out! There is so much depth here it's sickening!

coolfool3247d ago

I am new to god of war so I read this to be brought up to speed.

After reading this, why don't I like the Kratos character? I supposed that I was meant to like him to want to play as him but the truth is that he is selfish, violent and vengeful. He exists only to kill his next target and if he doesn't have one then tries to rule by killing more people in his way.

From someone who has played the game; is this how I am supposed to feel about the Kratos character?

bgrundman3248d ago

Too bad it will never come to the 360. :(

CrAppleton3248d ago

Yeah.. I don't think we'll be seeing this on Xbox.. Maybe when we see Halo on the PlayStation

supercharger51503248d ago

Which is too bad since I would get it on 360 but I'll never buy a PS3...

killyourfm3248d ago

sigh...your anti-PS3 words, they stomp on my gamer heart.

CrAppleton3247d ago

seriously.. the PS3 is WELL worth your money

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killyourfm3248d ago

Man, I've PLAYED *ALL* the God of War games and didn't realize how deep the story really runs.

Great, great article guys.

CrAppleton3248d ago

Very in depth.. it's amazing how deep the story truly is!

Neco5123247d ago

Yeah! It's insane how much time the developers put into it

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The story is too old to be commented.