Diablo III: Blizzard Talks About Treasure Chests and Loot

Blizzard's Community Manager for Diablo III Bashiok has once again posted on the official forums. This time it is regarding in-game treasure chests and how to unlock them.

When one fan suggested that there should be a few chests that can only be open with certain keys, Bashiok responded.

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Jinxstar3552d ago

I would rather a tentative release date then talk about treasure chests but oh well.... *READS ON IN HOPES OF A HINT*

gs98cobra3552d ago

release date sometime 2011 LOL

ViceKingz3552d ago

oh screw that keep the chests the way they are

they already got rid of potions ffs

yojoe263552d ago

This game on the PS3!!!