Poor and Lonely Boys: Checking in on the Stereotypical Gamer

From the article: "Meet Paul. Paul is 23 now and lives in his mother Kitty's attic. He works part-time at a movie theater as a result of Kitty's nagging insistence that he do something with his life, but recently Paul has been asking his supervisor to cut back his hours. On Paul's 21st birthday, he told me that he wanted nothing more than to play Final Fantasy XI all day and snack on cold cereal.

"My Blue Mage needs leveling," he griped to me over coffee once. Although he seemed halfway touched that I'd dragged him out into daylight, Paul was severed from a more pressing reality. His frail, pallid frame might have been sitting before me, but the essence of his energy, his navy-booted, Chocobo-mounted doppelganger, was palpably absent and waiting."

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