Atlus Announces Persona 1 for PSP

Gamerlimit writes: "Atlus USA has just announced that a remake of the first Persona is coming to North America on the PlayStation Portable. Persona is a rare game and will cost you a grip of money over at Ebay and Amazon, so people who just recently got into the Persona franchise can now have a chance to play the first installment at a reasonable price."

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Chris3993556d ago

Check out Crimson Gem Saga that they're publishing (in May, I think) as well.

Quality isn't so hot in that vid, but it's still a gorgeous 2d anime JRPG!

Ashton3556d ago

is sony spending all their money on PSP?

but on a serious side note PSP seems to be getting alot of support as of late.

dylandurden3556d ago

"Blame" Atlus, not Sony. It wasn't Sony to decide this.

Anyway, what's wrong with the PSP finally having support? Hell, we need some games on the PSP too! The PS3 is doing just fine and 2009 will be a great year for both platforms :)

Sangria3556d ago

Old, we know it since ages.
I even remember having post a trailer of it.

Homicide3556d ago

This is for North America.

Ziriux3556d ago

Compare the news first before you jump to conclusion. The link you gave me was for Japan.

Abash3556d ago

Buying. Glad it's coming to NA

Da One3556d ago

and pray that your wallet will be able to survie the onslaught

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The story is too old to be commented.