Exclusive: Playstation finally promoting Killzone 2 email proof

Playstation using PR firms to promote Killzone 2 finally. Check out the email proof.

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brycespitler3554d ago

sony is fuccking stupid

lets wait to market our biggest game this year until a couple of days before it releases

i mean seriously...are they that damn broke that they cant put a decent marketing strategy

i should of been seeing commercials 2 weeks ago on tv.

ive seen one last night with the bullet traveling that doesnt exactly show any of the gameplay in the game

if you have a ps3 and arent a game nerd and thats the only thing you see regarding killzone 2 then what reason did the commercial give you to buy it

i love my ps3 but it would be pretty nice if sony could make more ppl in america want their damn system so i can have a couple of my friends buy it so i can play with flesh and blood friends i see on a weekly basis.

rant over.

Deathmammoth3554d ago

I am guessing you haven't seen the EU commercial then. That shows gameplay and it even says "Actual Gameplay Footage" that commercial could get any average Joe to drop some dough and buy Killzone 2.

Snake Raiser3554d ago

You can still do well even if you market the game after it is released.

BGDad3554d ago

Its a waste of money.

And seriously anyone who is even 1/4 a gamer knows about killzone 2... If you own a ps3 and dont know about it, chances are a commercial wouldnt make you buy it anyhow..

Sony is not stupid, you are. If you think you can do better than go for it. Otherwise shut up.

brycespitler3554d ago

america (sorry i didnt clarify)

and yes we watch tv and yes commercials are watched

funny that fanboys are turning on another ps3 fan

and sony advertising in america is horrible for this game

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Trollimite3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

i saw the commercial in a bar like a week ago. old

needless to say the intire club was silent as the commercial aired. if i could have gotten it on camera i could have had proff of the worlds largest KILLZOWN ever.

Kouppa3554d ago

The email was about undisclosed content of killzone 2. It wasn't that bullet commercial you show, totally different.

Trollimite3554d ago

i saying that they have been promoting the game for the longest

Lifendz3554d ago

those commercials were hardly shown and weren't all that impressive anyway.

If the gaming industry is anything like the movie industry, the marketing budget should be almost, if not equal, to what the production budget was. How else can you secure your return unless you make the people aware of the game?

whoelse3554d ago

It's Playstation not PlayStation. This email could be mocked up in 1 minute.

Anyway I saw the 30 second UK advert during half-time between Inter and Man U!

ThanatosDMC3554d ago

PS3 commercials are all over veoh at certain times.

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Mc1873554d ago

You gonna post that savory extra content for us?

Kouppa3554d ago

I'm working on a few other articles right now but I will get to it soon.

Ryangp3554d ago

I have seen quite a few Killzone 2 adverts, I was just watching the Man united - Inter Milan match on itv and saw a Killzone 2 advert at half time.

Mc1873554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

thanks Kouppa

PirateThom3554d ago

That was inevitable and I called it ages ago!

Sony advertise at Champions League games, especially PlayStation advertising, as they're one of the principle sponsors, Killzone 2 was obvious for half time!

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