EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #18

The Cast of Evil writes, "Evil is back.. it must be Monday already.. looks like the EvilCast is the only thing to look forward to Monday nights seeing how football is still off season. But we've got quite a bit on our plates for the whole week including a certain rapper fighting in the sand and you may have even heard of the little title Killzone 2. No? Well that's alright, we've still got some great deals and some interesting tid bits for you this episode!"

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bgrundman3500d ago

This show really seems to be working.

CrAppleton3500d ago

working? It's more than working I thought.. lol

supercharger51503500d ago

Yes it's working! I look forward to it 3 times a week.

killyourfm3500d ago

The EvilCast: Is it like fine wine getting better with age, or like a Cold 40 with a one night stand? Maybe a mix of both?

maybe i should be institutionalized?

CrAppleton3500d ago

So.. it makes the headphones make love to your ears? I'm confused by your statement.. maybe you should be institutionalized.. =S

supercharger51503500d ago

LOL... So you need to drink to listen tho the Evilcast?

killyourfm3500d ago

Hey it's up to YOU guys to figure out what I mean. You think I know what I mean? MWAHAHAHAHAH

roblef3500d ago

SRSLY, y'all are sick. Sick, I tell ya!

Great EvilCast NewsBrief!

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Salvadore3500d ago

Great blog guys, really appreciated the podcast.