Bethesda Has No Plans To Release Any DLC For The Playstation 3

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Well I was hoping to have some good news for Playstation fans today. I got a few emails yesterday asking if Bethesda will release ANY DLC for Fallout 3 on the Playstation 3. I can't believe I didn't ask Pete this question when I interviewed him. I did what any journalist would do…I sent him an email."

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Kleptic3578d ago

I find this extremely surprising in a not very surprising kind of way...

Lifendz3578d ago

yet another reason I'm glad I didn't buy the game and will pick it up after it's been out long enough to sell for 30 bucks or less.

DavidMacDougall3578d ago

Im going to trade my Fallout 3 & Farcry 2 in and get a real game

mrdxpr23578d ago

exactly what im planing when the game goes below atleast 30 il probably get it if i have the money and im interested :) but for now im good

3578d ago
Ghoul3578d ago

money at work guys, exclusive dlc deals are awefull.
Games ok cause you dont have to worry about addons but buying a game on one plattform as a normal consumer (who doesnt have such info) you kinda get shafted since your 70 bucks game is not the same.

SRU96003578d ago

The PS3 is like the red headed stepchild of the gaming industry. lol

SixTwoTwo3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

If this whole situation pissed you off then don't support them with your hard earned money. They shafted me by denying me the complete Fallout 3 experience so I shafted them and bought their game used off of ebay. Let your wallet be your voice.

FantasyStar3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

No I'm joking. But it is an idea. I'm just as baffled as anyone else why Bethesda didn't release the DLC. Perhaps they're waiting for a GotY Version? That's what happened to Shivering Isles Expansion for the PS3. IIRC, PS3 never got a SI Expansion until after the GotY Version came out. Perhaps Bethesda is planning on that again, but with Fallout 3. It makes better sense that way.

HighDefinition3578d ago

Just raise the flippin LEVEL CAP LIMIT.

TheHater3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

That what I did. If they are going to treat us like trash, I am going to buy their game used so you don't get anything from it.

Dark General3578d ago

Don't worry guys, remember they said the same thing about Shivering Isles going to Ps3?

Anon19743578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

It's already at 1 1/4 million on the PS3, let alone what it's continuing to sell now. If they don't think that audience is large enough for their DLC, so be it. I knew that would probably be the case when I choose to buy it on my PS3 vs my 360.

Also of note, Trollimite said "if their happy with the bullshit job they did on the ps3."
What the hell is this guy talking about? This game was freakn amazing on the PS3. Fallout 3 was one of the best games released last year in my opinion, and in everyone else's opinion based on reviews I saw. The metacritic score of the PS3 version was over 90 and that was before the game was patched a week after release to clean up a couple of issues.

Edit: A disagree? Really? What for?

titobudd3578d ago

Six months out from the release of the third expansion, the Microsoft paid timed exclusivity will expire and the enhanced versions of the dlc will be released on PSN. Just like the GTA IV episodes.

Eiffel3578d ago

GTA IV DLC and Fallout 3 DLC are not timed. Microsoft gets them without having to share.

ThanatosDMC3578d ago

No reason to buy DLC if it should have been included with the disk when it came out. Damn, milk farmers!

Kleptic3578d ago

well i'm with most of you entirely...I didn't buy it because it was a glitchy mess to start with (the PSN message prompt thing freezing the game for a few seconds?...haha, no thanks)...

its a great game, and i'll eventually try it...but whatever...from watching some others play it, and the amount of stuff to do anyway...I wouldn't be very interested in DLC to begin with...

as a PS3 only owner...all this MS bending over backwards for exclusive DLC has been completely moot to me...had I owned a 360, and bought GTAIV for it...I guarantee I would not have bought any of the DLC for in that would probably involve me actually finishing GTAIV to begin with; something I am far from interested in doing...

yet on the other hand...DLC for Burnout Paradise is absolutely awesome...most of which has been free...if the 360 was getting exclusive stuff like that, then I would be concerned...but its not...its getting pay for add ons for games that are MASSIVE to begin with...

I played the crap out of Oblivion...spent more hours with it than I cared to admit...yet had ZERO interest in the shivering isles...the game was big enough as is...if it was free, i'd try it...but there are much better pay for dlc offers on other titles...

FarEastOrient3577d ago

The only games that have DLC done right is World of Warcraft and Burnout Paradise.

GarandShooter3577d ago

Gotta disagree with you there FarEast. The MGS level pack for LBP is awesome.

pixelsword3577d ago

After CoD4 came out, I told myself that any developer that can't use the Cell Processor properly to make a game port equally across all games isn't worth my money for the full price; on sale or used yes, but not full price.

I won't award laziness with money.

Anyways, another excellent article, Tor.

pixelsword3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I'm not downing Bethesda at all in my earlier post, they are a very capable and intelligent development group. I'm downing the fact that I know those guys are extremely capable, but didn't put out the game they could have put out; that's why I didn't call them stupid. I did call them lazy but only because I know these guys are in the upper-crust of gaming developers right up there with Insomniac, Epic, (now) Guerrilla Games, and Infinity Ward so I KNOW they can do better, but they chose to release it earlier for what ever reason.

Yes, I do apologize for such a rash statement, and that I do realize that there are invariably going to be things in every game that a developer would want to change before a game goes out but can't, but you have to realize that to a lot of gamers out there that when they hear some developer names they expect quality. When you hear Bethesda, on the lips of PC gamers, Bethesda is their "Lexus" brand. When you talk to a console gamer, Bethesda is their "Lexus" brand as well. When PS3 owners saw the dedication and care put into The Elder Scrolls to get that game to look as good as, if not slightly better than the 360 version because of the improved draw distance, PS3 owners were at least expecting an equivalent port.

Yeah; maybe I'm getting a little too hard on them because every game is not perfect, but when the graphical news first came out I was a little bummed because I didn't want to get it for my box because I tend to fall asleep playing games when they're good and long like RPG's are and Fallout 3 apparently is. I didn't want to accidentally keep my box on through the night just to wake up to a Red-ringed box.

Poop on that, I love my box too much for it to get wrecked; besides, now I'm saving it for ODST!

SinnedNogara3577d ago

No DLC for Fallout 3 PS3 owners. I have a friend who owns the 360 version and he loves it. My older brother owns the PS3 version (I bought it for him for Christmas) and he loves it as well, he is addicted to it. Now my older brother won't get the PS3 DLC. That is completely retarded. The PS3 is the more powerful system anyway.

pain777pas3577d ago

Some may disagree but I didn't like Fallout 3 and Oblivion to me is better. I just didn't get into it at all and was bored. Maybe if there were less broken buildings or something I just didn't like being in that baren wasteland so sombre. The game can suck you in but I cannot remember anything about it. I'll pick it up later with GTA4 when the price comes down.

1ikedamaster3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

"yet on the other hand...DLC for Burnout Paradise is absolutely awesome"

-Too bad the game itself wasn't awesome. Yes, I have the best version --PC version. Full settings baby!

Let's just say I rather play the worst Need for Speed game than this crap. Waaay too arcadey for me.

On topic/
Everyone here does realize that DLC for this game also comes out for PC? I have Fallout 3 for PC, just finished beating Operation:Anchorage and getting the last of the achievements(1100 total). I absolutely loved this game, fell back in love when I played the DLC.

As for GTAIV DLC...two words...missing out!

SL1M DADDY3577d ago

I sent it back to Gamefly and started playing Oblivion again. Sorry, but IMHO, Bethesda was in its prime with Oblivion and simply took a step back for Fallout 3. Don't get me wrong, I liked Fallout 3 but it was not as "epic" as Oblivion and the ending of Fallout 3 sucked arse.

Anon19743577d ago

I see a few names up there saying they didn't bother with the game because it was half assed and glitchy. Are you out of your freakn minds? What few glitches they had were fixed within the week, and even with these annoyances there were still multiple reviewer throwing perfect scores at this game's feet. Does that tell you nothing?
If reports of a couple of small issues kept you away from this masterpiece of a game, in my opinion you just have no business even calling yourself a gamer.

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TheColbertinator3578d ago

Its more likely that Microsoft payed for the DLC.I have the PC version and I did not like Operation Anchorage like how I enjoyed the Oblivion DLC.Considering that the PS3 version sold decently,I wonder what happened.

I might get The Pitt if the reviews are solid

josh143993578d ago

well hmmmm i wonder why? its obvious msoft flashed the cash. every big multiplat game msoft always says exclusive dlc.

SpoonyRedMage3578d ago

Well considering Bethesda released games on the PC and Xbox before the PS3 they're primarily Microsoft developers. Sony technically stole Oblivion as an exclusive.

Ghoul3578d ago

"they're primarily Microsoft developers"

wrong, Bethesda is a PC developer and as a pc dev you are not a MS dev.
MS has no influence over the games released on pc. on the box on the other hand they decide wich game is to be released and wich not.

Oblivion was no 360 exclusiv its a pc game with a 360 port/version.
And with the fact that the ps3 (17. November 2006) wasnt even out by that time we kinda know what "exclusiv" oblivion (24. March 2006) is

SpoonyRedMage3578d ago

Morrowind has been on the original Xbox but not the PS2 so I'd count that as being an MS dev before a Sony dev.

And obviously Microsoft must be taken into consideration as there wouldn't be Games for Windows and similar otherwise.

Ghoul3578d ago

"Games for Windows and similar otherwise"

Games for windows is a assault from ms to finaly gain controll over the pc gaming sector.

Morrowind wasnt possible on the ps2 cause of the lacking hdd.

Bethesda is no Microsoft Dev

SpoonyRedMage3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

But they're not a Sony dev. And it's obvious the MS platforms are their preferred so yes they are MS devs.

Morrowind would have been powerful(I mean possible but power is a consideration) but they it would probably need to have it's own memory dedicated to it but I had a 64mb one so that isn't too bad.

Ghoul3578d ago

we both are correct :)

SpoonyRedMage3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Oh I know but my point is that PS3 is of lower priority than the 360 and PC(PC being the highest), that's what I meant by MS dev. But they are technically an MS dev aren't they because they develop for windows primarily(not mac or linux or any other one)?

EDIT:@^: I'll agree to that, but now I have only one bubble left damn you! only kidding.;)

@V: I'm not disputing that I'm just saying MS' platforms are the preferred ones.

evrfighter3578d ago

Microsoft gets no royalties from pc dev's even if they are using windows as their platform. It would be different if they paid for the "Games For Windows" sticker though.

Voiceofreason3578d ago

You do not make games on the PC and not work with MS in some form or another. You dont pass up Windows so you have to work with MS, and most PC games us Direct X of some form. Cant get it without working with MS either. While they might not make the PC itself they pretty much make all the programs that games are made on. I am sure you could do it without using any MS products but you'll also kill your sales because so few would be able to use the game.

Ghoul3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

"While they might not make the PC itself they pretty much make all the programs that games are made on"

pretty much completly wrong.

not a SINGLE of my art creation tools are from ms (sure they run on windows but thats a dominance thing instead of a real coice)

No programmer is bound to windows in fact i know many that work in linux mac and windows alike.

ms offers many programs like word excel etc. but thats where the fun also ends, nearly no company i know/worked with uses more then necesary as there are nearly allways better and cheaper products from smaler companys.

windows is only the platform.


there i give you a bubble+

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Lucreto3578d ago

I got the platinum and I have no reason to go back now.

Johnny Rotten3578d ago

I'm playing this on the Xbox right now and it's pretty cool, I have no interest in buying the DLC but as for the PS3 I can see them releasing with the "Game of the Year edition".