On fanboyism

Mick Jansen, Minneapolis Video Game Examiner, writes:

I want to make one thing very clear. By most definitions, I could be described as a Sony Playstation fanboy. Despite all the mistakes Sony has made this generation of gaming, including taking out rumble in earlier controllers, taking out backward compatibility in recent models of Playstation 3, and perhaps most disastrously, the whole Home debacle, I still got a PS3 recently and have consistently preferred it to the Xbox 360. I could list all the reasons why, but that is not the point of this post.

I want to discuss fanboyism more generally because it presents problems for gamers, as well as the whole concept of rationality. By definition, being a videogame fanboy of a given console or company involves irrationally buying, loving, and defending a company or console while unnecessarily savaging the competing products. I believe fanboyism originates from the vain desire to justify one's choice in console, while at the same time promoting the growth of that console to add value to it.

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BGDad3556d ago

360 breaks
Windows Breaks
Zune = Fail
Office = pain in the butt

All of there products suck.

brycespitler3556d ago

lets be ignorant as hell

zune does suck

vista isnt as bad as everyone says it is

360 is not full on horrible
i dont have one but im sure it doesnt suck it sells more than the ps3 at the moment so most of the world doesnt think so either

by the way...i dont even own an xbox. only a ps3 and wii
and ppl like you give ps3 fans a bad name

Saladfax3556d ago

Actually Vista is pretty bad.

Scruffy_K3556d ago

Oh, shut up already, I'm tired of seeing articles about fanboyism. You're not giving yourself any professional credit by writing this kind of sh*t. No, I'm not a fanboy defending myself, I'm an annoyed gamer trying to sift through the incoming s*it wave for something good to read.