Girl Lands On Moon - New Levels Unlocked For Everybody

Joystiq writes: "After four days and a combined length of nearly 400 million meters, Noby Noby Boy's GIRL has finally reached the moon. This means that a new level has been unlocked for everyone (yes, everyone) who owns the quirky PSN title. Bizarre as it is, the new moon level features space-fish and space-cows to gobble up; it also has flying saucers.

This is the first unlockable world for Noby Noby Boy and there will be more to come. So what's the next stop for GIRL, our lovable pink spaceworm? Well, she goes off to stretch where no GIRL has stretched before: Mars. How many days do you think it will take this time?"

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Epicor3528d ago

I just love this "game" so much. It's a great purchase for 4 euros. See you later, I'm going to the moon!

Johnny Rotten3528d ago

I agree it took me almost 2 hours to stretch 10,000m today!!