Mirror's Edge - The most frustrating game of all time?


"Mirror's Edge, a game that polarized opinion when it was first released, and continues to do so to this day. And with good reason. It's a first-person platformer, which is unique, and means you spend a good portion of the game looking at walls 2 inches in front of your nose. But it's the frustration levels that kill the game for me.

I know I'm late to this. Mirror's Edge was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in November, but it's taken me this long to give it a go. My problem - too much time working and not enough time gaming. I finally started the game three days ago, and I now feel confident enough to call it "the most frustrating game of all time."

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meepmoopmeep3556d ago

it is frustrating.
so much trial & error
but still a fun game nonetheless.

The Matrix3556d ago

Most frustrating game of all time? This idiot who wrote the blog obviously hasn't played any platformers before has he?

caliblue153556d ago

Most Frustrating? Hell no. COD WAW on veteran is... how about another 15 grenades magically landing on you?

Coconutz9193556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I don't care if he likes the game or not, but really? THE most frustrating game of all time? I couldn't disagree more...

In Mirror's Edge it is NOT Faith that is the problem, it is almost always entirely the player's fault at a missed jump or platform. I'm not saying Mirror's Edge was easy (it wasn't). You can call it realistic or too demanding of precision but don't blame the game. While it does take practice, no challenge in this game is too much.

Also, I hate when people complain about the game's short running time. Do you not realise that these levels are HUGE? You are racing through every one at nearly twice the speed of any other FPS. There is a LOT of level there, so don't poo-poo the developers. Acusing them of padding the playing time is absurd.

In short: You can fault Mirror's Edge for its very clunky combat, as well as its disappointing and predictable storyline, but don't knock it for its length or for a level design and control scheme that is technically sound.

/rant. Sorry, but I just think this game has been unfairly bashed. :( Besides, there are plenty of more frustrating titles out there...

Edit: I do agree with the part about jumping between the trains. That really was a little annoying.

Lucreto3556d ago

I do find it frustrating but I will play is slowly and get through it.