Crucial Pop's 'Gamer Grrl' talks Left 4 Dead

Eileen M. Searson writes: "I am a simple girl, and there are a couple of things in this world that bring me great pleasure: good music, good friends, good drinks, and zombies. Yes, my name is Eileen, and I am addicted to zombies, so when I was at my local GameStop picking up some much needed necessities, I sort of grabbed Left 4 Dead because nothing else was striking my fancy. To be honest, I was really there to pick up Grand Theft Auto 4. It was not as if the sales clerks were being helpful or anything like that. Let's face it, when a girl walks into a GameStop with a lollypop in her mouth, the boys seem to clam up really fast. Sorry boys, I was just trying to hold off a bit longer until my next cigarette."

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