PC World: Prince of Persia Review

PC World writes: "Living's hard, but dying's harder in Ubisoft Montreal's Prince of Persia. Or should we call it "Prince of Persia Begins"? Either way, death is no longer in vogue. Fable II recently gave it the boot, and now Prince of Persia gives it a pair of hands. Jump off anything, anywhere, at any time in this acrobatic action platformer and two sets of five exquisitely manicured fingers will pluck you from the air and blink you back to safety. Fall to the blows of an enemy or oozing tendrils of muck and those hands meet to pray you back to life. You're like Michael Myers with better hair, because you keep coming back, and suicide's not only painless, it's occasionally even a strategy. To spin the Robert Zemeckis flick: Life becomes you."

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