Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad Review: I'm Going to Kill You So, So Bad

Let's get this much out of the way: Shoryuken for shoryuken, the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad is a vastly superior instrument of destruction compared to the standard Xbox 360 controller.

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blodulv3580d ago

for the PS3 anyway, I found the Dualshock to perform better personally.

onomix3580d ago

Dumbest post I have ever read.

PotNoodle3580d ago

Why is it dumb, he prefers the dualshock? Good for him.

Blasphemy3580d ago

It's not dumb. I had that same exact controller for the PS3 and I too returned it. It is much easier to pull off moves using the analog sticks. I now have me a Street Fighter 4 Madkatz stick and I must say: anyone who is using a controller in this game is at an unfair advantge. It is so much easier to pull off moves using the Fight stick.

Bnet3433580d ago

It doesn't matter what controller you use, arcade stick is the way to go.

Perjoss3580d ago

@ Kigmal

agreed, I managed to grab a tournament stick, yeah it was expensive but its pure awesomeness. I will not only be using it for SF though, I also like the occasional game of soul caliber, Ikaruga, and lets not forget the next installment of king of fighters :)

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Revelation1013580d ago

If you have an Xbox 360 Controller, throw it out for fighting games. Actually throw out the whole thing, it sucks.

Sin-CityGamer3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Playing on a controller pad other than an arcade stick = fail

...but then again... its a matter of preferability...

II Necroplasm II3580d ago

I really want the arcade stick... but damn alot of money for it.

SmokingMonkey3580d ago

a genesis controller?!


Information Minister3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

... is that a Saturn controller?

Because the original controller for the Genesis only had three buttons. Sega actually released the six button controller because of Street Fighter 2. It's ironic that a decade later history repeats itself.

BTW I agree with your opinion that SF Alpha 3 is the best in the franchise.

SmokingMonkey3580d ago

that is ironic that i would bring that up then?!
good info, about the six buttons

but i always preferred the snes/playstation shoulder button layout to the six button face agree's?

SmokingMonkey3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

but ill fill this post up with some info...

at my gamestop we have been sold out of the arcade sticks since the day SF4 came out and we get 5+ people asking for it daily. Madcrapz could be making a lot of money....KZ2 midnight release

Sin-CityGamer3580d ago

...hai monkey =) which gamestop you work at? I havent gotten SF4 yet which I prolly should already have but KZ2 is around the corner and I know I'm not gona have time to play SF4.. I'm not that good anyway altho I do enjoy the game. I'm more of a Tekken player...

SmokingMonkey3580d ago

yeah, i feel like SF4 is going to get thrown under the bus...the KZ2 bus so i really only have a few days to play SF4

i can say that i still prefer streetfighter alpha 3 the best of all SF's just because this one feels slower, moves come in delayed it seems, still street fighter still accepting challenges online till midnight 12:01am feb 27th

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