Star Ocean Breaks Records in Japan - Fastest selling Xbox 360 title ever across the pond.

There's great news to report for JRPG fans who hope for the likes of Square Enix to keep on supporting the Xbox 360. Star Ocean: The Last Hope broke records in its first week of sales over in Japan and is on its way to becoming the best selling 360 title ever over there.

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GWAVE3577d ago

Congrats, Star Ocean. Highest-rated JRPG from Square Enix this gen.

Godmars2903577d ago

Might want to use "so far" in th future...

kewlkat0073577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Square Enix did not develop the game..

The only developed titles By Square Enix has been "THE LAST REMNANT" on Next-gen, which is also on PS3.

This game is only Exclusive so far because the 360 came out first, so the hardware was ready.

I'm not gonna get too HIGH off Xbox 360 Japanese sales, tihs is a Well known series, even though the install-base is really small in Japan, you know the game was gonna sell.

Yes I'm getting my copy tonight.

3577d ago
ActionBastard3577d ago

Imagine how the PS3 version will sell.

LastDance3577d ago

"FFXIII says "hi""

how can FFXIII say hi when its nowhere to been seen.

cereal_killa3577d ago


"1.2 - FFXIII says "hi"
Might want to use "so far" in th future..."

I agree with the "so far" but FFXIII is a Sony exclusive in Japan and will not be released on the 360.

Foxgod3577d ago

@the guy above

Do you really care about whether or not someone gets to play the game on the 360 in japan ?

thats sad.....

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Sayai jin3577d ago

Good news for Star Ocean. Honestly I have not followed this game much, but may have too look at purchasing it. Is it turn based combat?

Honolulu3577d ago

No, It's not turnbased.
But you fight in a separate environment á la ff and many other jrpgs.

Lifendz3577d ago

I'd probably pick it up. I'm RPG starved on this system. And when I say RPG I'm talking a RPGs and not strategy RPGs.

sack_boi3576d ago

There's Eternal Sonata and I'm pretty sure Star Ocean will be released on the PS3 sometime between now and 2010.

green3577d ago

I don't really care that much about the japanese sales because even though those figures are mighty impressive, it still is not enough to cover development cost's.

So i pray that the game becomes a success in the west, because if it does, Japanese devs will see that taking the time out to craft a good RPG will appeall to all gamers and then more JRPG's will come flooding in.

SpoonyRedMage3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Agreed and it'll prove JRPGs on the 360 aren't suicide.

Although the other 360 RPGs are sorely underrated in my opinion.

I think the costs have been made back of the previous 360 JRPGs so this definately should.

cmrbe3577d ago

The support Square has for the x360 is mainly because Square wanted a bigger audiance in the West.

Doing well in the west is vital to SE. However. Its still good for them that SO didn't flop sales wise and has been recieved rather well by critics.

SpoonyRedMage3577d ago

Yes Square must be happy with it but I'm sure it's Tri-ace who decided for a 360 exclusive, they seem to be best buds with MS and after recieving funding for Infinite Undiscovery(which is really difficult but underrated) they must just like MS.

slave2Dcontroller3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

The game moved 24,000+ 360's vs. its average of 8000 per week. I guess if MS could get more high profile RPG's pumping out of JPN studios like Tri Ace, Namco, and SE they'd fare pretty well on a more consistant basis in JPN.

Either way, Congrats!!!

GameGambits3577d ago

Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, and now SO4. Those are the 3 JRPGs so far this generation that the USA has got to touch that I can safely say are great.(Well my verdict on SO4 is still out till I go buy it, but the other two I love)

I'm still excited to try out White Knight Chronicles and Demon's Souls for my PS3.

We just need more of the developers we saw so often on PS1 and PS2 to start doing sequels to their popular RPG series. Konami has Suikoden and currently have an amazing Suikoden game slated for DS, but I want a PS3/360 version. Sony needs to get Legend of Dragoon 2 rolling. SquareEnix needs to get FF13 out and Kingdom Hearts. I could also use another Chrono game from them and a Mana game. I wouldn't mind seeing a new Wild Arms game come out too. Legend of Legaia 3 is welcome to release also. Level 5 should work on Dark Cloud 3. How about a Shin Megami Tensei game for PS3/360? Where's Capcom's new Breath of Fire?!

There is a LOT of RPG series that could keep on going it's just that the developers need to get on it. :)

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