Absolute Games: FEAR 2: Project Origin review

... And then it has puppies
TimeGate Studios, Monolith. Sadly, that betrayed anathematize additions from TimeGate Studios, Monolith itself took a tracing paper. for three and a half years of development. Those who are more from the shooter and do not need it, I recommend to wait for the day when the sequel will sell at a price reduction.No overpay for the horrors of the second freshness.

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brycespitler3551d ago

this site sucks so hard

they must hate everything

i guess fear 2, halo wars and killzone 2 are all horrible

this site must seriously want attention

beatrixkiddo3551d ago

I finished playing FEAR2 last week and had a good time. Was it as good as I think KZ2 is going to be? not even close if the KZ demo is anything to go by. I like my Shooters to really challenge me. FEAR 2 was somewhat easy, in fact too easy. Definately easier than the first FEAR. If i were to grade FEAR 2 i would give it a 7. If KZ 2 is not at least a 9 by my standards than i will be very dissapointed.