D+PAD: Killzone 2 Review

D+PAD: The irony here is that whereas Sony introduced the first, deeply disappointing, Killzone whilst in a position of unparalleled dominance, Killzone 2, this strangely beautiful testament to the industry as it stands today arrives at a moment when the Japanese electronics giant has everything to prove.

Countless lauded exclusives have spectacularly flopped since the PS3's launch and the console's market share is still less than glowing; there's a sense that for history to repeat itself twice with another Killzone debacle, given the expectations, the jaw-dropping preview footage and the hordes of illiterate fanboys chomping at the bit, would have been catastrophic. Instead, the end result is nothing short of triumphant.

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Socomer 19793528d ago

D-PAD really doesnt like us.

I mean, I bought every ps3 exclusive game that I was hyped about.
Im pretty sure most of us sony soilders did as well.

I think what D-PAD wants are those casual sales to boom.
well, D-PAD sorry that youre grandmother is rocking out with her cack out with MGS4 but ummm maybe you should just review the game instead of the state of the industry.

you have more than 20 million potential readers if you just quit whining about the most expensive console being in third place & ps3 gamers having more variety of games to choose from. Ps3 and its games are spread out. D-PAD ps3 is selling at a faster rate and its games are classics already.

Nobody likes a sour puss.

SeanScythe3528d ago

“Countless lauded exclusives have spectacularly flopped since the PS3’s launch”
Which ones? MGS4? Resistance 1 or 2? Uncharted? GTP5? Motorstorm 1 or 2? I’m sorry but which ones? They said Countless, so where is this list?

RonRico3528d ago

Seriously. The only outright flop I can think of is Haze. Maybe Lair.

frayer3528d ago

A 4.5 is a 90 on metacritic. Kthxbai