Huxley In-game Video!

Here is a video of a in-game deathmatch of Huxley that has been recorded on screen at E3.  Not the best image quality , but still worth a look.

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CrizzleC244172d ago

Are you just now going on the huxley page on gamespy and deciding that this is brand new since you've never seen it before?

Majunior4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

Um..this links to youtube not gamespy thats my other article...and i have not seen in-game footage besides the demostration which is on gamespy and ign. This is not the demostration video! It clearly says IN-GAME DEATHMATCH VIDEO! Its a video of a in-game sure lots of people goin to this site have never seen it before neither this video or the demonstration check article before u respond!

BOOSTIN4172d ago

ive also seen this before. old e3 demo footage. for christs sake its from YOU TUBE!

USMChardcharger4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

easy guys. the man is trying to bring in some news. he had good intension. so if ya seen it, carry on.

btw...i have not seen it before so thanks.

Marriot VP4172d ago

majunior, don't fret or feel bad. It happens to the best of us.

PS360PCROCKS4172d ago

I haven't seen this before, but it's really BAD quality

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