OXM UK: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned Review

It's a hugely impressive piece of work, albeit not quite as dramatic as the first encounter with GTA IV. OXM UK was more used to the detail of the city now, they're used to the mission types, and they're starting to feel the lack of big stuff to spend money on. But it does follow the original in packing in more content than most full-price games, much less DLC - while you can spend eight hours on the 20-plus story missions, that still leaves the gang-war and motorcycle races, random encounter missions, and superior new multiplayer modes. For the price, it's unmissable, and it proves that Liberty City can support far more than the two pieces of DLC Rockstar has committed to. Here's hoping it can muster a few more before GTA V.

* Huge chunk of new game
* Excellent new multiplayer modes
* All action, no filler

* Missions less exciting this time round

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