Microsoft Set To Bring 3D Motion Control To Xbox360 and PC

Microsoft stands to acquire 3DV Systems for the relatively small sum of $35 million.
With the acquisition of 3DV Systems, Microsoft is looking to gain a stronger foothold in the video game console market. The company's Xbox 360 is currently in a distant second place in this generation of video game consoles behind Nintendo's Wii; a system that relies heavily on motion-based control, often considered easier for "non-gamers" to play.

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GWAVE3552d ago

Motion controls on the 360 will fail. No, I'm not saying they will suck. I'm saying they will fail commercially and critically. If it isn't a part of the core system and it isn't a part of the console's "theme", it will fail. Period.

And before you slam disagree, go snatch up some reviews and sales numbers for games like Lips, You're In the Movies, and Scene It!.

The_Zeitgeist3552d ago

It's new tech. Its natural that it will take time. This is a good purchase for them. You have to think down the road more so than right now.

3551d ago
Gue13551d ago

-Then everything the PS3 has gained trough updates = fail?

{"And before you slam disagree, go snatch up some reviews and sales numbers for games like Lips, You're In the Movies, and Scene It!."}

-What difference that statement makes? I mean, these game's are crap. Plain and simple. What about Guitar Hero or RockBand?

I'm a sonyboy but I hate this biased sh1t...
In my opinion motion sensing controller + HD graphics = WIN

rroded3551d ago

could have some real potential not only for games either but until we see the real tech in action....

XLiveGamer3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Before you post do this... READ!.

"Motion controls on the 360 will fail" are you really that stupid? seriously? meditate before you answer take your time if you want... duhhh! Now pay attention and read carefully R E A D T H I S "The ZCam, which will undoubtedly be renamed by the time it is released to the public, was first announced back in 2007. It differentiates itself from the current Xbox Vision Cam, Wii Remote and PlayStation Eye by allowing users to make gesture inputs in a fully 3D space without the need to hold or wear an external input device"

Do i have the need to do another paste ? Allowing users to make
G E S T U R E I N P U T S. Now i am going to give you an idea Minority Report... Do you know what that its? Well lets imaging that we are playing well one of my favorite games ARMA and i decide to fly a Cobra (Helicopter you moron) and with my hand gestures i turn on the engine and some switches and then take off while you start running from my bullets in the field.

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Zeus Lee3552d ago

Can't wait to see how they screw up this one!

360 man3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

shut up man

why are you chatting sh1t

Jerk1203551d ago

Doesn't matter. Still won't be as big a screw up as the Crapstation 3.

mirroredderorrim3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Look at their track record. They have bought so many amazing ideas, just to turn them commercial, ruining what could have been.

This will be no different... Also,I will inhale the disagrees and get high off of them.


heroicjanitor3551d ago

How many times does this have to be posted before it isn't news any more?

krouse933551d ago

Usually some where around OVER 9000!

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