Churn up some snow with MotorStorm Arctic Edge

ThreeSpeech writes:

"MotorStorm Arctic Edge is heading to a PSP or PS2 near you! Check out this exclusive video to see what you can expect!

The MotorStorm music, festival and brutal off-road racing moves onto a whole new terrain – Alaska. Freezing temperatures, ice, avalanches and altitudes are all combined to create an even more hostile environment for you to get to grips with…"

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MasFlowKiller3578d ago

Motor Storm is one of my fav launch tittle, still havent gotten the last one but i think i might get the PSP version of MotorStorm Arctic Edge

remanutd553578d ago

what are you waiting for??? go get pacific rift man , its freaking insane , much much better than the first motorstorm believe me you'll love it

DJ3578d ago

Pacific Rift is everything the first motorstorm should've been. Huge selection of tracks and vehicles, better boost system, and absolutely insane speeds.

The quick load times are a huge relief as well.

DJ3578d ago

Using in-game assets, or what the actual game looks like.

Babylonian3578d ago

It's ingame. I had trouble believing it too, but it realy is ingame!

Tony240ZT3578d ago

I can't believe the PSP version looks that good. Is this because some PSP games are running at higher clock rates now?

Babylonian3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I have no idea, I think I'm going to ask them tomorrow how this is possible on the psp. But seeing GOW Chains of Olympus graphics, I think that it is because of the clock rates because GOW on PSP also looks insane to believe.

By the way, I said it earlier in another article. But LBP, Assasin's Creed and Guitar Hero are also coming to PSP this year!

Flare1493578d ago

Wow...definitely picking this up on day one

RadientFlux3578d ago

nice trailer but definitly CG, and since the game is coming out for the PSP, PS2 and not PS3. I am sure they aren't using any in-game assists like some people think.

DJ3578d ago

Which are high res. But the PSP game itself uses downsized textures, and has a lower amount of anti-aliasing (if any).

micro_invader3578d ago

I like how the have the same theme for the endings of each of their games; man/woman is about to be crushed by a huge vehicle XD

Anyway, it looks pre-rendered to me but still, I'm excited. Haven't purchased a game for my psp in ages.

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The story is too old to be commented.