Square Enix Set To Take Over Eidos

Square Enix now controls 32.23% of the existing share capital of Eidos.

Insight Investment Management and Pioneer Investment Management have sold approximately 11.13 per cent of the issued share capital to Square Enix, at the price of 32 pence per share.

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Twerp3554d ago

Remember when Square only cared about making good games?

lukeb4dunk3554d ago

now it's about rehashing every single Final Fantasy title in one form or the other.

SaiyanFury3554d ago

It's official: Square-Enix is officially a corporation hell bent on making money and not a developer focused on making good games. I guess it had to happen sometime.....

Bnet3433554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

I'm sure it's because of their history back in the day and need a push in the western market. Remember Eidos published FF7 and FF8 on PC.

Also, the SE games on the DS were good (The World Ends With You and FF Tactics A2), and everyone was excited about Crisis Core on PSP when it came out.

The Matrix3554d ago

If that [email protected]$$ japanese developer takes over semi good games (hitman, tomb raider etc) there's going to be heads rolling.

Tony P3554d ago

I don't think taking over Eidos means they're tossing Nomura on Tomb Raider. In fact, quite the opposite. SE wants an inside route to Western gaming dollars and I don't think they'd get that by shoehorning Japanese policies on already successful devs who understand what we want over here. If anything, I think they'll try to keep learning first-hand the methodology of how to produce a game that will sell in the West instead of further mangling JRPGs to (badly) suit that function.

Foxgod3554d ago

for the record, all developer studio's out there are looking to make money, they are businesses after all, they dont work for fun.

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The_Zeitgeist3554d ago

That was a long long time ago my friend. These days its all about increased profit margin.

lukeb4dunk3554d ago

But if they just concentrated on making new and better games instead of re-releasing older titles or all those spin-offs, then maybe they would see their profits rise. As I quote Field of Dreams, "If they build it, they will come."

evrfighter3554d ago

In case you handn't noticed. This isn't exactly the time to be sitting around catering to the smaller hardcore rpg crowd. Last I checked they are losing money

FarEastOrient3554d ago

Increased profit margin? Tomb Raider didn't even sell enough to keep the company financially afloat.

omodis4203554d ago

Maybe Square will push Eidos to make a decent Tomb Raider game again.

TheColbertinator3554d ago

So long RPG development.Hello FPS and Western style action games.

Socomer 19793554d ago

Im telling you! Square enix is one of the dumbest companies to grace the industry.

Eidos isnt bringing anything to the table.

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The story is too old to be commented.