QTEs are a "minor part" of Heavy Rain

Talking to D+PAD in a recent interview, David Cage has revealed that quick time events will only be a minor part of Heavy Rain's gameplay.

When asked how Quantic Dream had gone about making sure that QTEs added to the experience, rather than detracted from it, Cage replied:

"QTEs are a minor part of the gameplay of Heavy Rain. They are used in some action sequences for scenes that would have been impossible to make with any other types of interfaces."

"I know many hardcore gamers are by instinct resistant to the concept of QTEs, but we put some serious thoughts into making it evolve and I hope to convince them that our approach supports the experience," Cage added.

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GWAVE3578d ago

I like Heavy Rain's concept of QTEs. Most QTEs boil down to "hit these buttons correctly to not die". In Heavy Rain, QTEs are there to give you choice. There isn't one rigid "right" way of doing things.

heroicjanitor3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I loved fahrenheit(Indigo prophecy to Americans), and that had a lot of QTEs. The other thing is that if you fail the QTEs the story goes on, even if you die, rather than dying and trying the exact same sequence again.

thor3578d ago

Me too. I think when the trailer was shown a lot of people misinterpreted it because the only bit of gameplay _seemed_ to be the QTE bit. When in fact, lots of it was gameplay. All of the walking around the house, interacting with objects and stuff. Then, they assumed that the QTEs would work just the same way as every other QTE - when the whole game is about giving you choice. You fail to press a QTE, and it has consequences which stay with you.

meepmoopmeep3578d ago

if Indigo Prophecy is any hint at what Heavy Rain is
it's a Day One purchase for me.

heck, it already is


brycespitler3578d ago

told me there was nothing but quick time events

but theres not supposed to be any gameplay

my mind is going to explode

LightningPS3PS33578d ago

David Gage talked about alot of moral choice in Heavy Rain, I could be wrong but I don't think that hitting QTE is what he means by making "moral choices".

There's more to the gameplay of Heavy Rain than what we've seen. And I don't expect that Heavy Rain is about action, so that's why he says that QTE play a minor role. That means there probably isn't too many parts that require QTE.

Just because the part he demonstrated had QTE, doesn't mean the game is all full of QTE sequences.

remanutd553578d ago

i hope quantic dream give us a released date already , im expecting this game to hit the ps3 in the summer

Socomer 19793578d ago

Its tence.

They should put games like this at the arcades. people would go crazy.
People would shout "NO! DONT DO IT!" & "DONT OPEN THAT DOOR"!


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