Massive Advertising Network in Your Xbox 360 Games

Shipping in your GRAW 2 game: in-game ads. Microsoft's Massive Incorporated is building its network of advertising in several current and upcoming Xbox 360 titles. "The Massive network is projected to be live with more than 100 titles across the Xbox and PC platforms by the end of 2007," stated Microsoft's press release today.

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shotty4276d ago

I swear I saw a Dodge SUV in crack aswell so its pretty good.

HokieFan4276d ago

So far in game ads haven't bothered me. As long as they don't interfere with the gameplay, I don't care. It's basically the same as product placement in movies...

deadeyes994276d ago

As long as they display these ads tastefully i won't be bothered one bit and theres always a possibility of reduced prices :D.

HokieFan4276d ago

Lower prices are a wonderful dream, but I'm sure the extra money will just line the pockets of the executives. I love the idea though!

Bullseye4276d ago

If a game has ads that doesn't interfere with the gameplay,then i buy the game, but purposely DO NOT buy the products advertised therein. If the game has annoying ads, then i don't buy the game,simple.However, i fear i'm in the minority here,so i can see advertising becoming more obtrusive.