Lens of Truth: Monthly Game Giveaway - Resident Evil 5

Lens of Truth writes, "This month we are giving away Resident Evil 5, PSN/Microsoft/Wii Points and official Lens of Truth t-shirts! The contest is broken into two parts, each with their own prize. Interested? Click to find out more."


Have patience as the site is getting hit hard.

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Kiroe3553d ago

That's a pretty cool contest. Count me in! Took forever for the site to load, then I saw their site was in the "Hot Stories" section.

jaidek3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

wow, I thought more people would have jumped on this one. I mean, post news and if it is hot you win a game. Post the most comments and you get psn/ms/wii points. Seemed pretty cool to me.