Virtual On for PSN/XBLA: "no comment"

CVG: Sega has stayed quiet over reports that much-loved Dreamcast mech sequel Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram is coming to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.

A listing for the game, which was originally released in the late 90s on Japanese Dreamcasts and arcades, has appeared (where else?) on the Australian classification website for "multi platform" release.

Unless Sega's going to re-release the Dreamcast version then, it's probably coming to the console download services. When we picked up the phone though a Sega UK rep gave us a quick "no comment".

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Kleptic3577d ago

i used to love this game back in arcades 13 years ago...used to take $5 and split it evenly between cruisn' USA and virtual well as Time Crisis if it wasn't flooded with people...

_Q_3577d ago

quarters into this game. It was so badass. I loved the melee fighting