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Killzone 2 is not revolutionary. Killzone 2 is not perfect and Killzone 2 is not frustration free. Killzone 2 is, however, a beautiful, excellently executed first-person shooter, full of satisfying gunfights, explosions and swearing – basically the gaming world's equivalent of a blockbuster action movie. Just like a top-notch action movie, what lies within is polished to an amazing sheen.

Also like a top-notch action movie, though, certain tropes and problems from previous efforts in the genre are carried forward, with no solution except to blind the audience with the light shining from the polished elements, hoping that no-one notices the wrinkles.

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BRACHATTACK3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Why must every review start off on a negative note?

These were horrible to it.


table3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

yeah i'm sick of that too. a credible review does not start off in saying that it didn't cure cancer.

Blademask3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

LOL, so COD4 5 and Halo3 + Gears get away with repetitive old action game problems. Not kz2 though, nope. KZ2 is supposed to change the way FPS is played? lol.. these guys are stretching so hard its sad. Find me any Gears/COD4/Halo review that starts off "This game isn't what the fanboys said" and continues from there. You wont. lol @ "buh buh theres no bias" Please. How the hell do you start of negative on a review? then praise it for its game qualities:

"Visually amazing; satisfying gunplay mechanics; good use of the cover mechanic; fully featured multiplayer component; feeling of weight and presence; great sound effects and orchestral score/background music; cool mech section"

Its an FPS for christs sake, just like Halo3 and COD. They are all going to be the same. I cant wait to see Halo OSD get 100's across the board for being more of the same. I really want to see the interesting arguments pointing out how Halo's cliched story and scripted action isn't cliched and scripted. I cant wait.

GG delivered on a second to none FPS that we get to play in a few days :) I feel sorry for people that cant.

Montrealien3584d ago

here`s an even more important question : Why do you care?

All that should matter to you is that it`s a game you enjoy, other peoples opinions does not matter at all, if it does, you become their slave.

callahan093584d ago

I can't even stand the read Killzone 2 reviews anymore. These people are unfairly critical of the game it's ridiculous. By these people, I mean the majority of these so-called professional critics. Why does every review start out by saying the game isn't perfect and isn't revolutionary? Why don't you just tell me how visceral and fun the experience is, how engrossing the multiplayer is, and that if I spend my 60 dollars on it, I'll get my money's worth, with hours of fun, great experience worthy of showing off to friends, etc. I don't give a damn whether it reinvents the genre. I don't care if it has a weak story or bad voice acting. The double-standards are just ridiculous. Gears of War 2 had a terrible story, terrible voice acting, and was one of the most copy-cat gameplay experiences I've ever seen, copying from so many other games (including being almost identical to Gears of War 1 itself) that it had no heart or soul of its own. But it didn't matter then, because the gameplay was FUN and it was a visceral, beautiful experience! Why, now, is that not good enough in the case of Killzone 2? Double-standards, that's why. Critics can go to hell.

Montrealien3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

( These people are unfairly critical of the game it's ridiculous.)

When it is something you like being criticized, it will always seem that way. You got to take it with a grain of salt, live and learn I guess. And saying gears 2 has things you though where bad will not help, they are both great games, deal. ;D

callahan093584d ago

My point is that Gears 2 wasn't perfect and had most of the same flaws that Killzone 2 is purported to have, but that didn't effect my ability to enjoy the game, and it won't effect my ability to enjoy Killzone 2, and that there IS a double-standard involved here, because many, many critics are chastising KZ2 for a lot of the same crappy reasons that don't effect fun that they let Gears 2 get away with. It's like all of a sudden they have much, much higher standards, and I don't perceive this change of standards as being fair.

jammy_703584d ago

why though, cuz it does nothin new blah blah....

91 on meta now, hope it gets bk up to 92!

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Pennywise3584d ago

Pros: Visually amazing; satisfying gunplay mechanics; good use of the cover mechanic; fully featured multiplayer component; feeling of weight and presence; great sound effects and orchestral score/background music; cool mech section

Cons: Can feel like a deadly game of whack-a-mole; no solutions to old action game problems; strange weapon allotment system; can get visually confusing (blinders, and visual effects associated with health loss); use of SixAxis controls seem tacked on and unnecessary; doesn’t mention the repercussions of breathing in acidic Helghast air; lazy reliance on a navigation marker button

_____________________________ ________________

Marked down for not mentioning the repercussions of breathing Helgast air. Always something. Nitpicking away.

It feels like every PS3 review has a copy & paste sentence that goes like this: "use of SixAxis controls seem tacked on and unnecessary"

rucky3584d ago

That's funny cause i'm still waiting for some explaination as to why Master Chief can jump 10 feet into the air despite weighing a thousand pounds.


if you know MC's background then you will know why he can jump 10 ft in the air... and yes it is something that is consistent with this story.

i am going to assume you are not a halo fan or at least not enough to care for much of the MC's background so i am not supprised that you are asking that question.. and i am not going to waste my time explaining because for the above reason i know it will not mean anything to you anyway.

if you really, really care to know that much.. read the books.

Pennywise3584d ago

Wow... Just when this site couldnt get any nerdier.... in steps Dark Witness.

Montrealien3584d ago

well Pennywise, commenting on a videogame web site does not get any nerdier then that. You are aware of that right?



lol... well, i am far from a nerd, but i do like my games and i like the stories behind them. so ya, i will take interest in something that expands on that.. i am sure you would not have noticed my name had i been talking about a book relating to killzone...

and i am not going to start pointing fingers at all the people that spend hour and hours reading through all the tech crap relating to their console only so they can come on here, pretend they no more then some developers and spew the crap back out as fanboy hate..

he asked a question, i was telling him where he can find the answer. i am looking forward to killzone, and if i find the story and characters as interesting as halo's and they release a book about it, then i would read that... why not

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Socomer 19793584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )


Im pretty confident when I say that im becoming a sixaxis master.
ever since Flower came out i feel like a pro with it and I turned it on for warhawk plane controls. I used in in burnout paradise and in GTA4. Im getting really good at it! Im awesome in socom confrontation with the sixaxis lean too.

It takes a while to practice but once you get it, you really want it involved in all the games you play.
Im just saying... now im going back to playing beautiful LAIR.

Montrealien3584d ago

setting a remote bomb or turning a valve seems like basic stuff. Still amusing but but I do understand if a critic says he feels its tacked on. He is a critic afterall...

FPShooter3584d ago

I could be wrong but didnt it take years for the helgast to become what they are now. you dont turn into one the minute you step foot on their planet.

DJ3584d ago

And from what I can tell, the game only takes place over the course of a few days.

actas1233584d ago


taco_tom2373584d ago

but why did my ps3 have to die 3 days before kz2 =(

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