Vitals: FUEL

GamesAreEvil writes, "Accelerated global warming, sandstorms, blizzards, brush fires, heavy rain, tornadoes, lightning, you name it, FUEL's got it and is ready to use it against you.

This "revolution" in multi-terrain racing, boasting the largest racing environment ever created, is brought to us by the same publishers of Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID. Born from the depths of Asobo Studios' cutting-edge proprietary engine, A.C.E. (Asobo Conception Engine), that has benefited from over four years of development, FUEL will present players with an astonishing no-boundaries, seamlessly streaming playing field that's over a ridiculously large 5,000 square miles.."

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CrAppleton3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I'm really excited about this one! I can't wait to see how the tornadoes and lightning affects the terrain

bgrundman3212d ago

Hopefully they have more weather effects than just tornadoes.

bgrundman3212d ago

This game looks like it could do a pretty solid Motorstorm impression.

CrAppleton3212d ago

Right.. well the good thing about FUEL is the fact that it's 100% open all the time.. and there is seamless online and offline play.. so this might actually 1-up Motorstorm

CrAppleton3212d ago

What system do you guys plan on picking this up for?

bgrundman3212d ago

I think it is a PS3 lead sku, so probably that.

bgrundman3212d ago

Is anybody else getting sick of all of the derivative off-road racing games? I know I am...

CrAppleton3212d ago

Not at all! I love racing games! Especially the off-road variations

JohnR3212d ago

i never get sick of racing games, i love them all.

apart from PURE that was horrible

CrAppleton3212d ago

WHAT???? Wipeout Pure??? That was fuc*ing fantastic man

killyourfm3212d ago

Pure? Horrible? Can you back that up with a reason? I fell in love with that game.

supercharger51503212d ago

Yes... I don't like racing games unless you're drunk at a party.

All the trailers for this really make me want to get a bike and race around in real life. But then I'd probably die. :/

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thealienist3212d ago

360, better online support