Even Analysts Are Worried About Res 5's Controls

With the chance to ask Capcom serious, important business questions following the company's recent financial earnings forecast, one Japanese analyst took it upon himself to... complain about Resident Evil 5's control scheme.

Yup, no probing questions about profits and yen valuations and business plans. Instead, he kicks his question-o-tron all the way up to "whine" mode, saying "I thought Resident Evil 5 had very poor playability in the demo version, so I would like to hear Capcom's opinion."

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MasFlowKiller3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I Pucking hate Kotaku, if i was a fan of a video game and had the chance to ask the developer about something i didn't like about the video game, i don't see why anyone would act offended.

this is just kotaku been kotaku,

heck remember the article about HHG killing video game journalism, i think kotaku is going to beat him to it.

I hope developers and videogame companies stop paying attention to them cause they are just a waste of bandwidth

AlternativeChaos3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

i hear you man,
so true they are a waste of bandwidth
but i guess as long as gamers keep buying into their lies and deception they will just keep posting trash article.

360FanLord3520d ago

i think HipHopGamer is just as bad as Kotaku

i think both are "waste of bandwidth"

Johnny Rotten3520d ago

Kotaku truly are the douchebags of gaming.

N4Sony3520d ago

There's a common issue here people. RE5 demo controls = crap. Why? The game has no cohesive pace. Nothing. Enemies are too many and too fast for a slow aiming, unable to move and shoot control scheme. The whole experience felt like it was limited to the PSX in its control set. Bad, bad demo. I'm still calling this out as the first candidate for most overrated game of the year.

chrisnick3520d ago

i played and had to turn it off b4 i was hacked to bits...i was like "this makes no all muscly and can't walk while i shoot? GTFO MY PS3!!!!!"

DJ3520d ago

The characters could walk/run around with their guns drawn in the cinematics, but during gameplay i was stuck in one position while aiming.

It's the biggest WTF gaming moment I've ever had. Made no sense whatsoever.

Soren the Cat3520d ago

totally agree, the controls kept me away from this game

it will be interesting to see if the sales match the predictions, or if this issue will put a serious dent in the profits

GiantEnemyFlop3520d ago

this game is only good for rent

LastDance3520d ago

.... The most retarded part is where you boost "shuva" up the ladder in shanty town (i think)...then the zombies come out and as they walk down the path towards that ladder (that is too hard for our hero's to get up by themselves), they will immediately JUMP up the ladder and start climbing it all by their

CyberCam3520d ago

I didn't even finish the demo, I shut it off & deleted it immediately, after dying twice in the first room, from being jumped by a half a dozen fast moving zombies.

It's the first game in a long time that had my frustration level peaked in the opening level (demo). Usually, games get a bit frustrating at around a 1/3 playing into a game.

Personally, I'm not going near this one, my money is better spent else where.

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Rich16313520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Playing the demo was a living hell. Hated every second of it. Fighting the chainsaw guy was the most aggravating gameplay moment of my life. Seriously, having to run away, stop, slowly aim, shoot 3 bullets, run away again, and repeat 10 times IS NOT GOOD GAMEPLAY DESIGN! Especially considering you die in one hit with the chainsaw. Friggin' stupid.

Arkham3520d ago

I feel the same way. I really, really tried to adapt to it, but it just wasn't worth my time. Lovely looking game, love the concept, love RE in general, but this one's going to be a sad omission in my collection. :(

I might give it a rent, but honestly with LBP, KZ, and even more on the way, I just won't have the time.

BananaSlug3520d ago

you cannot survive a chainsaw cutting through you in RE5!

Rich16313520d ago

A one hit chainsaw kill wouldn't be a problem if I could move, but I can't tell you how many times I would run away, try to turn around and shoot, but the chainsaw dude would be right on top of me and kill my A**. It is frustrating beyond belief.

BananaSlug3520d ago

(1) back on thumbstick + X = 180 spin

(2) play co-op = one player gets chased, the other one goes for the kill

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Are_The_MaDNess3520d ago

make the game whit walk & shoot controls THEN i wil buy it

table3520d ago

i've never been a fan of resi evil but i quite liked the demo. i didn't mind the controls i actually thought they worked well.

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