New Beneath a Steel Sky game 'probably going to happen'

A brand new follow-up to classic adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky is "probably going to happen", and further Director's Cuts of existing Broken Sword games are likely, the designer of both games has revealed.

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GWAVE3584d ago

WHAT? This game rocked back in the day. I would definitely play a sequel.

DelbertGrady3584d ago

Me too. I wish they are going to release the Broken Sword games in HD on XBL/PSN.

callahan093584d ago

The only game I'm looking forward to in March happens to be the Broken Sword director's cut for the Wii. Can't wait to get my hands on that. Broken Sword is in my top 10 favorite games ever, my favorite videogame story ever, and I love the work put into all these games. Can't wait for more from them! This is music to my ears!

shadowfox3584d ago

I just started playing BASS! It's such a good game. Wish they would do a big budget sequel for PS3/360/PC, though.

duarteq3584d ago

I Loved that game, at that time was in the same level as the lucasarts or sierra adventure games. it would be great. Old school people knows that game rocks.

Why o why3584d ago


future wars, operation stealth, Broken sword, zak mckrakken eff me man

AuToFiRE3584d ago

speaking of steel sky.. *gets it from Linux repository*

dj555555553584d ago

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! I love this game, I still have my amiga copy, 15 disks but i have it on my 350mb hard drive so no loading time. It was made by virgin so it should be on freeware.

What next, Monkey Island 5, Grim Fandango 2 lets hope

dj555555553584d ago

hey cannon fodder was made by virgin too lets hope they are avalible to download. Why hasn't a mobile phone company used these old games for there phones I mean old amiga games used to be on a 1 meg disk..... Come on nokia you slaaaags!

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