The first 10 minutes: Killzone 2

Gamersyde writes:

"There is no doubt so no game as ever been as hyped as Killzone 2 before its release, sometimes to the point that there was seemingly no way that the developers could ever manage to achieve their goal. Well now that we have the retail version in our hands, we can say that technically this is the most advanced game available on any console as of now, which is quite an achievement to say the least.

In terms of gameplay too, while the game doesn't really reinvent the wheel, it's still a very polished title. The story itself isn't anything to talk about, and the characters themselves are for the most part forgettable, but it doesn't matter in the slightest. Killzone 2 is a must have for any shooter fan out there."

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nos4speed3430d ago

do watch it or do I not?!?!? Its so close yet so far!!

No i shall wait! my game was dispatched this morning, I can hold just a few more days...

jtmill073430d ago

Great find but your right my pre-ordered game will be waiting for my on FRIDAY yes SIR… :p

Bubble Buddy3430d ago

THREE DAYSSSSS :(, I don't know how to stand it anymoreeee

BGDad3430d ago

Didnt watch as im not spoiling it. Did click the link however for hits.

Jerk1203430d ago

Yeah, better if you didn't man. It sucked so hard.


xaviertooth3430d ago

1 bubble to go!

and hey check out my middle finger!

cmrbe3430d ago

comments by Slepinr.

Same a foxgod.

cmrbe3430d ago

Umm..KZ2 dosen't have a mid night launch and a Mountain Dew ad lol!

SmokingMonkey3430d ago

but your point is still very valid because sadly there will be no Mountain Poo for us to enjoy.......I'm going to put two red skittles into my coke as i stand in line. LOL

RonRico3430d ago

I don't know. Killzone 2 might have been hyped for a longer time-span, but Halo 3 takes the cake with it's own Mtn. Dew flavor and Taco Bell meal. Now that was crazy. At least in my opinion.

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