Sexist and derogatory (and hilarious) Gamestop training video

No, you're not looking at that picture incorrectly. The following Gamestop training video refers to women as "hunters, and gatherers". It was set up in part because of the new campaign to "reach out to women shoppers", in addition to selling magazine subscriptions like "New Home" to women who purchase Wii Fit or My Life Coach.

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FarEastOrient3582d ago

Just wow! Does anyone know what the training video on the ESRB or PEGI looks like?

bardler3582d ago

This is not anything different then training videos at any other retail store. I have worked at a bunch of different retail stores and all the training videos are racist, sexist, and offensive.

chrisjc3582d ago

My previous Target and Staples videos were nothing like this.

Sure, they used a minority as the host to be PC, but it was nothing like this at all.

Calling women "hunters" and "gatherers"!?

bardler3582d ago

plus this is from the UK and their culture is a lot different then the US.

N4Flamers3582d ago

I had to stop watching after the first person. This is just like every other training video I have seen except that it was full of terrible advice.

The suggested wii play as a fun game for the whole that whole family, then they tell him to push their crappy wii exercise promotion when the lady clearly didnt ask for i, or wasnt interested in it. So its just cuz she was fat, that customer would have been insulted and left. I cant give them any credit it seems like terrible advise from a crooked corporation.

Highatus3582d ago

This is...


Advice: don't waste the eight minutes of your life watching it, i wasted 2 that was quite enough.

Voozi3582d ago

Yes we will "gather" & then "hunt" who ever made that video :D

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The story is too old to be commented.