Strange Helmets in Playstation HOME

German Website PS3insider hat a closer look to screenshots of exklusive Costumes for Killzone 2 Gamers, who bought on PreOrder. One of them shows the inventory of the wardrobe and unveils some strange Helmets, that haven't been seen yet.

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Fishy Fingers3557d ago

Slowly but surely Home is graining some ground. Personally I dont use it much in it's current state but all the new character models (SF4, RE5, KZ2) and Home spaces are starting to look really cool.

Kimokima3557d ago

I think it would be used more by Clans and other Communities, if clubs weren't annouonced to cost a monthly fee in future. I think it would be cool to meet for a Multiplayer-Session in a Clan-Clubhouse ...

DO_NOT_WANT3556d ago

Shouldn't the headline say "Helghast"?

Kimokima3556d ago

Well, it's actually not about the Helghast-Helmet. It's bout the other helmets and hats on that screen ...

Voozi3556d ago

Grey my Home?

Look at the helmet to the left of the "crown" & above the ninja scarf, then see below...