Bit-tech: Noby Noby Boy Review

Finally, unlike Katamari, the creators aren't changing full price for the game. Far from it; Noby Noby Boy is a mere £3.19 in the UK ($4.99 in the US).

One of the most enticing promises of game download services is that, freed from the need to shoulder the expenses of retail production, it would enable a wider variety of games to be made. Whatever else you might think of Noby Noby Boy, it's impossible to deny it's a bold, interesting experiment, and it's been priced as such. Costing not much more than a single pint of beer, it's worth picking Noby Noby Boy up just to try it.

You might be surprised how much you'll like it if you can just get past the fiddly camera controls and relentlessly twee (and awfully repetitive) music that fills every second of the game.

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GWAVE3580d ago

This game is bizarre beyond words, but GOD if it isn't fun. My friends and I played it for about 1 hour last night and even though we're going to play it more, it has already paid for itself in laughs.

Johnny Rotten3580d ago

I'm playing right now and my BOY's up to 7500 m.

I noticed the reviewer didn't like the music, I wonder if they knew you can listen to music from the XMB?