Xbox Live Gold members get more benefits

Microsoft is giving its Xbox Live members an even better deal. Members will now get 25-50% off DLC, Xbox Original games, and Arcade titles. Benefits to a Gold membership already include:

*Multiplayer games: Invite your friends online to play games

*Marketplace: Gold members get early and exclusive access to game videos and demos

*TrueSkill matchmaking: Matches every game you play to your appropriate skill level.

*Parties: Invite a group of friends into an Xbox LIVE Party, then you can transfer this party to a certain game, watch movies, and chat.

*Gamer feedback: Use the feedback system to select players you want to play with or don't when you are online. This also affects your "REP".

*Watch Netflix movies: Xbox LIVE Gold members who also belong to Netflix can watch Netflix's streaming movies and TV shows right on their console with no extra charge from Microsoft or Netflix.

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X_GAMER_X3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

It will be cool Imagine one friend playing a movie and the other party members can see it too :)

thenickel3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Definitely a cool feature but sucks at the moment because you can't watch there full selection of movies unless you get them on dvd.

GWAVE3580d ago

That's a pretty nice deal if you buy lots of DLC and Arcade games. It's a smart way for MS to reach out to Silver members who don't necessarily play games online.

Lifendz3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

they figured they'd better throw you guys a bone on something considering 360 owners are the only people having to pay to play games online.

And what is an arcade sku owner supposed to do? Go out and spend more money to get a harddrive to take advantage of this "deal." No one makes a bill look like a gift better than MS.

Yipee Bog3580d ago

that way but I totally agree with you. ^ I bought a used 360 20 gig hard drive for the same price I could get a 160 gig 2.5 sata. What can you do though?

kewlkat0073580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Really how about "Blizzard" and WOW players?

We know MS is all about making money, which a business is, obviously but I wouldn't call it throwing a Bone.

Many are happy about the experience on XBL offers and don't mind paying. Yeah you will always have exceptions but like any service, it could always be better.

Again there are like 3 SKU's form the start, depending on which model you want, you know what it comes with. It says it on the box. It's not like it's a surprise once you get home. I swear, people buy what they can afford and if you cannot afford it then you wait and save more till you can buy the SKU you want.

Lifendz3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

do you seriously not see the difference between paying a subscription service to play one game as opposed to paying a subscription service to play the online component of any game, in addition to the cost of buying the game, and in addition to the cost of your internet connection? MMORPGs are a different category. It's not like PC gamers have to pay to play any PC game online as is true with a 360 owner. But hey, if you don't mind contributing 50 bucks a year to the "fill Bill Gates' bathtub with money" fund, then more power to you. PC gamers, Wii owners, and PS3 owners do not have to pay to simply connect to a game's online service.

And disagree all you want. It's sad that you guys are so caught up in a fanboy war and loyal to a company that's milking you for every dime they can.

@Yipee Bob: what can you do? You can let your dollars speak for you. MS will continue to charge gamers for what other companies don't because we let them and continue to pay them. MS will continue to sell a broken console because people keep buying it. heck, some people buy it twice in the hopes of getting one that works. MS will continue to force you to buy their HDD for what, as you said, you could spend to get a drive with 8x the space.

xabamo3580d ago

Flipping your idea on the head, it means Live users are getting more out of their money than a subscriptoin to WOW since you can only play one game online and pay at a minimum 4 times as much.

If anything, you sound like a fanboy. The 360 has it's own values, and if that is what people prefer then let them pay up just like Sony loyalist don't mind paying $400 up-front.

It's is a different business model (arguably older for Sony, and newer for MS) that appears to jive with consumers well either way. The 360 Arcade SKU is a great competitor to the PS2 and a much better value in terms of technology.

KingME3580d ago

Had Sony initially charged for PSN(yeah yeah I know they didn't)the same fanboys whining about live would be gladly paying for PSN. The only reason this thing keeps coming up is because it gives them something to cry and whine about.

Sayai jin3580d ago

Good news indeed. I for one do not mind paying for XBL. The cost is trivial to me. It all depends on who you are. I am not saying I would not want XBL for free. Free is always better, well at least most of the time as long as quality does not suffer. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

@Lifendz- What's up, man! You drooling over the 27th yet, I know I am.
Anyways, many people said the same thing about the PS2. That people keep on buying a console that was faulty, but they eventually fixed the issue, but not after many were on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th PS2. Has MS really fixed the issue with the 360? Time will tell.

Lifendz3580d ago

Can't wait for the 27th. Been getting my weight up in SF4 in the meantime. Perhaps I can play a match or two with ya

Shepherd 2143580d ago

your argument would make sense if you actually knew what you were talking about. We pay to play because paying allows MS to better improve the online even more than it already is, and when your employed, $50 a year, or about 12 cents a day, isnt very much at all if your smart with your money. it took Sony 2 years to make Home, and it was a bust because they keep their online running with just money from advertising mostly. Receiving money from subscription fees gives you more cash to work with to make the online better.

also, arcade systems are made for people who DONT want to play online, and a huge percentage of gamers dont care for online play, which is why barely half the number of 360 buyers are subscribed to Live. This is why the arcade doesnt include a hard drive. Many people just want to play games and save them on a memory card that comes with the arcade. Thats all they need or want.

Its that simple, so i assume you understand yes?

Trebius3579d ago

Are you sure you're a Shephard?

You act like sheep.

Karum3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

MMO's are a different beast altogether so that isn't the best comparison to make.

Say for example, an MMO on a windows PC (they're all running on a Windows OS pretty much) you can't very well turn around and buy a MAC and play the same game for free in the same way that I can buy COD and play for free on either PSN or on my PC but if I choose a 360 to play it on I'd have to pay. Which is more the point of that guy's post, even if that isn't how he put it across.

I don't think the comment from the guy you responded to was needed in this article but I felt like pointing out the difference and for the record, considering what LIVE is, I think this is a good deal for people and a decent incentive for others to upgrade.

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Nineball21123580d ago

Live does have some features I'd like to see on PSN, but it's not worth the extra money (to me personally).

I like the Party functionality that Live has.

Fishy Fingers3580d ago

Yup, the unified "party" structure is far better than the PSNs individual game set-up.

I guess it all boils down to what you want, personally as long as I can play my games online I'm all good. The only discernable difference between the two for me is the lack of private chat/unified invites on the PSN. With that I (again, personally) would regard them as equals.

For a free service though you cant really complain about the PSN and as for live, if you make use of the extra features it's easy to justify the subscription.

Swings and roundabouts.

marichuu3580d ago

Is this a comparison to PSN or Silver members on XBL?

Sayai jin3580d ago

It's is about Gold Members and Silver members, but honestly these guys are just expressing their opinions without blind allegiance to any console. This is what N4G should be like most of the time. They expressed there opinion without taking a cheap shot at the competetion.

It boils down to opinion. I would not mind paying for the PSN if it had all the same features as XBL, but as mentioned by someone else above it is awesome for a free service.

pippoppow3579d ago

Do we really want to pay to play for all platforms? I don't. Yes, I would be able to afford it but I'll not accept paying for something that has been free for a long time and continues to be free on the PS3 and PC. This practice of paying extra to play an online component of a game needs to end. If the 360 fans would stop paying for it, guess what it would be free just like how PC gamers refused to pay for Windows Live and MS made that free. Whether you like the service or feel the price is ok, it still does not justify a fee which is free on other services. Myself and others like me will not pay to play regardless of platform. Why support something I don't want to see standard next gen or beyond. We all should not want to see this practice become standard for all platforms. Multi-platform owners sure wouldn't appreciate it.

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PotNoodle3580d ago

I retract my previous statement (mostly) about live not being worth it.

I still think basic online play should be free, no matter what.

XBL: Death roW247
PSN: DeathroW22

Sayai jin3580d ago

Some feel that way while others do not mind paying. It boils down to opinion. Hit me up:

XBL: Sayai jin
PSN: Lions_Roar
Wii: BamBam ;)

Arnon3580d ago

It also boils down to what Microsoft is paying for while you play those games online.

-The Feedback funtion (used to help filter out morons from your games)
-Trueskill matchmaking

RedVsBlue3580d ago

TrueSkillsucks & ruins gaming

Arnon3580d ago

Yeah, if you suck at gaming rofl.

divideby03580d ago

so they are lowering rip-off overpriced stuff....

just allow free online gameplay...thats all I want...
dont need all the chitchat community features.

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