WorthPlaying Review - Ar Tonelico 2: The Melody of Metafalica

WP writes: "Ar Tonelico 2: The Melody of Metafalica takes us to the land of Metafalss in the world of Ar Ciel. Metafalss is a floating land with a unique problem: It's rapidly running out of space for the people who live there. The song of Metafalica could create new land, but the goddess refuses to allow it to be sung, so the land is in the midst of a civil war between two factions: the Sacred Army, who wants to serve the goddess and the Neo Grand Bell, who wish to rebel against her so they can sing Metafalica unhindered.

At the center of this battle is Lady Cloche of the Neo Grand Bell, who is a powerful Reyvateil, a human woman with the unique ability to craft Song Magic, which is the most powerful weapon available to mankind and the source of almost everything in the world of Ar Ciel. During an assassination attempt on Lady Cloche, a talented Neo Grand Bell rookie knight named Croix is forced to guard her, and before long, they're caught in a civil war that threatens Metafalss - and possibly the entire world."

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