Control freak: The evolution of the controller

The humble "Joy Pad" has its origins in the even more humble "Joystick." Those of us who are so old we think of the Neolithic Era as "the good old days" will pretend to remember the very moment of creation, the stage of gaming evolution which was the equivalent of when the fish crawled out of the water and life took to the land, a magical time known only as 1977 (or as it is known to the gameratii"Atari Time"). However as we are so old our memories are easily confused, so we get the internet on the case and make a cup of tea.

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Clance3520d ago

I love how so many arguments stem from which controllers are best.

I think the N64 control was the one that really floated my boat. Not so great now I guess, but my hands were the right size for it then!

ps. PS3 controller for FPS shooter FTW! I don't care what people say, it's just how I feel about the matter!

FinalomegaS3519d ago

That is your opinion and I would like to say congrats on staying true to such an old control style for FPS.

PS,PS2PS3 how the years have aged you =/

But let's take a look at that controller and the XBX also, dual analog with 4 button lay out, and trigger buttons on the top. Good, we can agree that's the set up that people are used to seeing for home console FPS.

Now imagine you are holding an invisible controller in your hand, move your thumbs as though your using the analog sticks and then press the trigger buttons at the top, and then press the the 4 standard buttons... Man you see all of that is needed... Now as we all know the game play of FPS relies on your ability to kill the opponents but in game your not moving the analog stick which controls the on screen visual movement, more like the whole body movement, so it feels slower which is normal but in action you thumb needs to work and do some accurate aiming. This was the same feel you had when you were playing Golden eye on the N64 ( not much aiming needed when you had an RCP90 with 90 clips) but I truly think that the old method of playing FPS on consoles can't compete with the method of control the wii has.

I've played FPS since they came out, all the old school type on pc hexen, doom, wolfeinstein,quake and the mouse + keyboard seem to be the best up to now, but given the fact that the wii has analog movement ( pc has the W,A,S,D standard) and the wii has on screen pointer (pc has the mouse). the actions that are mapped on the keys can be put into motions, like the toss of the grenade in The Conduit on the wii. More freedom and I think at one point when motion plus is released it will ad more to the FPS world. I've been playing games so long that my girlfriends have even gone as far to say " it's me or the games" well we know if they can't beat them they better join em lol.

Purpose of this is to point out the fact that PS controller for FPS does not = FTW maybe for you, but have you ever tried other controllers for FPS? Currently I prefer wii-mote over KB+mouse, no way PS controller for FPS, but for fighting game you win on that.

Disclaimer: this was just personal opinion on a control type for the FPS genre.

kaironn3520d ago

Beautifully written and very very interesting! I can't wait to see what the future holds for controllers.

Ziriux3519d ago

No one can argue that the NES controller is the best.

DelbertGrady3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )



The Gravis gamepad was awesome, and so was the Tac-2. The others not so much (although I rocked with the Epyx 500).

gumgum993519d ago

Every controller brought something new to the table, and helped define the video game, and now with the introduction of the Wii, it has been defined again. Although traditional games will always exist, they are no longer the only games that defy the medium. Video games now range from headshots to immersive tennis. This type of change is good for the industry, and will continue to expand the access ratio for gaming controllers.

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The story is too old to be commented.