Three Things Capcom Needs to Fix in Lost Planet 2 Writes:

"As far as first-person shooters go, Lost Planet was a pretty good first attempt by Capcom, particularly considering that Japanese developers have not had much experience with the genre. The anime-inspired storyline and characters were a little bit hackneyed, to be sure, and these will likely return in the sequel. However, we hope that Capcom has learned a thing or two about making a successful shooter after their first attempt, and make some changes to the basic gameplay. Here are some things we hope they fix in the sequel."

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clinker3579d ago

After viewing the trailer, I am pretty sure at least one thing is going to stay the same -- massive, awesome alien monsters.

Hopefully the story will also make more sense this time around, although not too many people probably care about that.

Cartesian3D3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

1-Level design
2-Story !!! (omg the first one was boring as hell)
3-like Uncharted , do different things, the LOST planet could be warm or even HOT :P its not supposed to be always COLD.

one thing bothers me.. and thats the engine.. it looks really good , one of the best looking multi games, but the particle effects,post processing,.. etc all looks the same in first Lost planet,RE5 and this one..

just look at explosions , exactly the same in their last 3 third person games..

no_more_trolling3579d ago

stop b!tching. the game is in development. god of war 3 first trailer looked like crap. then over time they polished up everything.

stop b!tching.

Dipso3579d ago

"As far as first-person shooters go"...I must have played an entirely different game.

clinker3579d ago

I thought you could toggle first person view in this? That's how I played most of the game.

Dipso3579d ago

I just saw the trailer for my it looks beautiful. Is this a timed 360 exclusive? Please say it isn't so.

no_more_trolling3579d ago

he said lost planet is a first person shooter. i stopped reading from there


you know on foot you could play lost planet in the first person...

you just changed the cam. although you could still tell that your character was moving in the third, its hard to explain but ya you could play it that way.

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The story is too old to be commented.