PSN Users Reach The Moon In Noby Noby Boy

PushSquare: "If you've read our review of Noby Noby Boy, you might know something of the games quirky co-operative elements. Essentially, all PSN users are collaborating to stretch their individual BOY and collectively increase the length of GIRL so that she may reach other planets in the solar system. Five days after release users have reached the moon. Which means if you own the game you've unlocked a whole new level to explore."

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Lanontscuz3552d ago

IM STILL trying to figure out this game but my daughter likes it lol

NOOBSTATION 33552d ago

god am i glad not to have a ps3 anymore!

FreestyleBarnacle3552d ago

Has anyone else realised just how far Mars is. It'll take forever to get there at this rate.