Limited Edition Resident Evil 5 Xbox360 Console Bundle Confirmed for Europe

In celebration of the landmark Resident Evil franchise coming to Xbox360 for the first time, Microsoft unveiled today an Xbox360 Resident Evil Limited Edition Console Bundle. Available in Europe the same day Resident Evil 5 ships to store shelves, Friday, 13th March, Xbox360 fans will be able to pick up the bundle featuring an exclusive red Xbox360 from select retailers.

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Ghoul3556d ago

i dont get it ?

how is this resident evil ? no umbrella corp logo noting special just a (fugly) red ?

Fishy Fingers3556d ago

Think as RE is a gory game it's just to tie in with the blood. Personally, you couldnt pay me to put that in my set-up. Black Elite all the way.

Ghoul3556d ago

i fully understood what they did there fishy, but sorry this is a saaaad special edition atempt.

Death3556d ago

I thought the color swap looked cool on the PS3. Was that lame too?


Ghoul3556d ago

easy there

red xbox = absolutly no relation to resident evil in the slightest. its just red.

gunmetal grey = metal gear solid look another material, and flat finish paired with metal gear print on. Fits perfectly.

btw i dig the elite 360

iHEARTboobs3556d ago

I agree. The black elite looks the best. But it is just a red console since it doesn't have anything RE on it.

Tony P3556d ago

This is just a lazy job. I can't believe their idea of a RE 360 was a simple red & black paint job with no logo and no shared theme. I could do a better job with beer and a magic marker.

Maybe if they had produced special red cases instead of the ugly green ones for this so-called bundle, we might actually think the two are connected in some way.

usin4203556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I agree, they should have put the tri-cell logo on there atleast like they have on the PS3 resident evil 5 bundle in japan.

Tony P3556d ago

The PS3 version only looks slightly better imo, but just as uninspired. At least they had the decency to include a second controller for what is ostensibly a two-player adventure. Overall, the attempt feels half-a$$ed on both parts.

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Jerk1203556d ago

They're so lame.

They did it on the previous article too.


miasma3556d ago

I would have thought some "decomposing" graphics would have been cool, like a zombie. Zombie360!

Karum3556d ago

That looks so incredibly ugly.

Much prefer the white ot the black xbox (I have white - Pro)

3556d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.