Game Focus: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars Review

Game Focus writes: "Fast cars? Check. Rocket Boosters? Check. Cool arenas with plenty of ways to blow up? Check. Kick ass multiplayer? Check check. So what are we missing? Oh how about the ability to save and record our matches, edit our videos to make our "pwnage" look even more amazing and post it on Youtube for Grandma to see? Check! As you can see not much is missing from this new crazy, ass on fire, bat out of hell action racing game from Psyonix, a game company you may not have heard of but you have certainly heard of or played some of the games they have worked on including Gears of War and the Unreal Tournament series."


+Not bad graphics and audio
+Very fun and addictive gameplay
+Multiplayer rocks
+Easy to pick up but difficult to master
+Record multiplayer matches, edit, upload to Youtube… BRILLIANT.


-It is just mini games and nothing but mini-games with very little variety
-Too costly for just a single player to enjoy, but if your friends have the game it's great and worthwhile to own

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