Virtual On to return, Prope's WiiWare title Let's Catch rated by ACB

Two new Sega games have today been added to the Australian Classification Board, first up is Let's Catch from Prope. A WiiWare game that basically is a game of catch. It was released in Japan last year. Also, while not a "new game" it has been newly added, first seen in the arcades then the Dreamcast is Virtual On – Oratorio Tangram. The game is a mech fighter which was controlled in the arcade with two control sticks.

While both games are listed as multiplatform as Let's Catch proves, it means nothing. Also Virtual On could make a good fit for the Wii with its control scheme, but it could also simply be a XBLA or PSN release.

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thereapersson3551d ago

It would be sick in HD, especially if they allowed use of the Six Axis in certain situations. Oh man, even just thinking about a remake or re-release of the game gets me excited...