Star Ocean 4 tops 160,000 in first week in Japan

Star Ocean 4 sold 166,027 units in its first week of sales, reported today citing sales information from parent company Enterbrain. This is the highest ever first week software total for the system in Japan.

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Cyrus3653577d ago

Pretty good boost for 360....Rougly 25 000 360 sold according to the data, which will likely pass PS3 this week and Wii.

PS3 should do the same next week with Yakuza 3.

Danja3577d ago

pretty good numbers for the 360...but was expecting atleast 200k 1ST week since SO is huge in Japan......the 360 has a chance at beating the Wii this week....who would have ever thought they see that

N4PS3G3577d ago


i dunno if it is sold out..but according to the first day sales..the game was 80 sold out with 130k copies...those other 36k could be the rest of the shipment ...meaning it could be sold out in most places...but who knows

JokesOnYou3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

some said the 360 is Dead in Japan...sure this is temporary but it just goes to show with great games theres always Life after Death in the videogame business.

Same for those foolish enough to claim ps3 dead in US, obviously its not nearly as bad for ps3 in the US like it is for 360 in Japan most of the time, which makes such talk even more idiotic, if anybody thinks either one of these consoles will fail at this point their just lying to themselves.

I'm just enjoying the competition....and of course laughing at the nonsense on n4g.

oh and Danja save the "I was expecting it to sale 2 billion comments" 'cause nobody believes you, popular franchise or not, nothing is garuanteed great sales on the 360 in Japan, if I'm not mistaken SO4 sold more in one week than any other 360 game and will likely be the best selling 360 game, but hey its unfortunate it didn't meet your "expectations".


Danja3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Not attacking ur comment at all cuz you are 100% correct.

but b4 all the RPG's started to come out on the 360 and b4 the Price Cut in Japan...the 360 was selling 2-5k weekly that was when ppl use to say the 360 is dead in japan , other than a few idiots who still believe so many have actually stopped saying that.

but I agree all systems will do great this gen and competition will only bring out the and we the gamers are the ones that are gonna benefit in the long run....

edit @Joke

and here I am actually praising one ur comments for once and you go and nit pick my comment to try and make me look like I made a fanboy comment..

im sure I started off by saying "pretty good numbers for the 360"...but I was expecting atleast's a huge freakin franchise in sold 130k day one I thought it would have sold atleast 200k... thats my opinion apparently it punched you in the face too hard..since ur obviously offended

Rock Bottom3577d ago

That's more than half what WKC sold on its first week.

DelbertGrady3577d ago

I think 160, 000 units in one week is pretty good considering the 360 small install base of around 1 million consoles.

JokesOnYou3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I hindsight I think I over-reacted a bit to your comment....I had a few beers and its late.


Jerk1203577d ago

Too bad, Rock Bottom, that WKC not only is on the Ps3 that has a larger influence in Japan and a larger japanese community but let's not forget the difference between the two games..

Star Ocean 4 is good while WKC sucks face.

Ryo-Hazuki3577d ago

in all honesty, an established series in Star Ocean couldn't beat a new IP WKC in first week sales. When will square enix learn

gameplayer3577d ago

To be fair, it was only on shelves for 4 days... maybe if it had been out for the full 7 days it might have made that 200k... and at 166k, that's about 20% of the entire install base that bought the game in the first 4 days... I think that's better, statistically speaking, than halo did in the US. Japan loves it's rpgs...


Ldubbz3576d ago

"The sales figure covers from the game's February 19 release date through the 22nd, the last day of Enterbrain's weekly sales tracking period"

Thats only four days. Will be interesting to see the 2nd week numbers, which may be even higher.

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N4PS3G3577d ago

the game initial shipment was 80% sold out the first day with 131k ... they should have sold the whole shipment in a week by selling 166k .. really good

as for 25k 360's ... pretty good too ...360 should be hitting a million consoles in some weeks if i'm not mistaken ...nothing spectacular compared to other consoles...but still an achievement for MS knowing the bad luck they have in japan

N4Sony3577d ago

Still, you have to wonder when the XBOX360 will truly breakthrough in Japan. This was by far the biggest JRPG release thus far and while good, it didn't put the console over the top....yet.

Godmars2903577d ago

The fun thing is going to be its 2nd week sales.

Obama3577d ago

Premature Ejaculation?

Godmars2903577d ago


From the dead no less, as ps92117 points out :p

ps921173577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Not sure what you meant exactly, but what ever it is, let me point out the fact that 360 is dead in Japan.

JokesOnYou3577d ago

nice, that actually made me laugh....I'm actually going to give you a bubble and I don't even give a shiii about bubbles


Kushan3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

And let me point something out for you...

Jazz41083576d ago

Your comments are dead to most people ont N4G so save it.

Kushan3577d ago

If I recall correctly, Tales of Vesparia kept the 360 on top of the PS3 for a couple of weeks and that only sold about 6k more than SO.
We certainly live in interesting times.

Godmars2903577d ago

1) The PS3 didn't have anything to offer against Tales. This time its got Yakuza 3. Maybe even KZ2 - I said maybe.

2) It is the game's 1st week. If it has legs its not going to matter what's coming out on an opposing console.

Kushan3577d ago

I know all that, there's no need to defend the PS3. All I'm saying is that it's interesting how well SO has sold.

Godmars2903577d ago

But its not going to mean that much if sales drop to nothing by week 2.

Pity the Japanese are so fickle - unlike us Westerners...

Kushan3577d ago

Why wouldn't it mean anything? As long as it sells about 5k in the next week (Which isn't hard to imagine), it'll have done as well as Tales of Vesparia. Only this time, the PS3 has a few great games out as well so although you might not see the 360 on top for long, it'll still have created a nice little boost in sales. Every little helps and all that.

Foxgod3577d ago

Let him cry, he cant stand the fact that SO is doing better then most ps3fans expected.
And Yakuza on the ps3 will mean nothing to SO on the 360, 360 owners are not looking forward to Yakuza, only ps3 owners do.

So 360 owners are still getting SO, interesting fact this time around is that this game was sold out at 160K copies, while TOV was sold out at 70K (much lower shipment), next week may see another strong sales numer for SO.

heroicjanitor3577d ago

Over there is different from here, I think most people have ps3s and got 360s on the side for all of the rpgs, but I doubt it will affect sales unless they are deciding between yakuza 3 and SO.

SpoonyRedMage3577d ago

What do you mean the Japanese are fickle? not any moreso than Westerners.

Who says people won't get both Yakuza and Star Ocean IV, I mean when two great games are coming out close to each other I save up to get both.

Argento-Nox3573d ago


Nothing special sales wise, if you ask me. 360 gets the prime light for a month max, before going back to obscurity. The rest of the year goes to Nintendo and Sony.

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